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Ryan Elliot

November 2019 Artist of the Month

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Meet our AREA November artist of the Month, Ryan Elliot!

We couldn't be more excited about this young Arch Viz artist and we think you will be too. Read on to get to know Ryan, hear about his work and what inspires him on the day to day.


3D landscape mirror reflection using Autodesk 3ds Max


Tell us a little bit about yourself.


Hi, I’m Ryan Elliot and I’m a 3D Artist from Perth, Western Australia. I currently work in the Archviz industry and have a passion for character art. I’m thrilled to be featured as AREA's November Artist of the Month!


How did you get started in the 3D industry?


I’ve always had an interest in art, animation and photography, and found my passion for 3D towards the end of high school. By 2015, I had an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media which introduced me to 3ds Max, and from there I’ve never looked back.

I've always wanted to be a character artist, but there are limited options here in Perth. So I initially found myself working freelance on anything I could get. This lasted for about a year and a half. Eventually, I received my first offer to work at a local Archviz studio specialising in AR and VR. It’s been 4 years since then and I’ve moved onto work on a variety of projects - but I feel as though my career is still only just starting.


3D glass architecture created with 3ds Max


Who are your biggest influences?


I’m lucky enough to currently be working at Blank Canvas, a studio filled with people more talented than I, and they motivate me to be better every day. Artists such as Kris Costa and Ian Spriggs have always inspired me and driven my passion for character art. And when in doubt, places like Artstation and AREA are full of great sources of inspiration.


What inspires your work?


I’m always striving to refine my skills and reach higher levels of photorealism. I look to the real world to find inspiration - recently this has been through my camera, studying lighting and materiality. I also love to make pieces and places that make people feel like they would want to be there themselves.


"I look to the real world to find inspiration - recently this has been through my camera, studying lighting and materiality."


3D rainhouse created using Autodesk 3ds Max


What do you love about your job?


I love how varied it can be, I love how it can take you around the world, I love that what we do in some small way affects other people. I would love to someday transition to working in film.


What project have you worked on that you are most proud of?


I always enjoy seeing my work out and about, but I think right now it would actually have to be what I’m currently working on - a personal project of Conan the Barbarian. It has been over two years since I have touched anything that wasn’t Archviz, so I’m happy to be breaking the mold a little with him right now.


What advice can you give other young 3D artists who are just starting out?


This is a hard one as I feel like I’m only just really starting out. In my brief experience, I’ve made some mistakes and what I’ve learned from these are; Don’t get comfortable, be confident in your own abilities, and say yes to new opportunities even if they seem daunting at first - you’ll figure it out. Lastly, take a risk every now and then - nothing ventured nothing gained, right?


3D woman portrait using Autodesk 3ds Max.


If you could work on any film or game in the last decade, what would it be? Why?


There are so many answers to this question that it’s impossible to nail down just one. If I had to pick, it would either be Fallout 4, as I’ve been obsessed with the franchise since I was fourteen, or Blade Runner 2049, as the original Blade Runner blew my mind when I first saw it and left such a strong impression - to be able to work on the sequel would have been amazing.


How do you use Autodesk software?


I’ve been using 3ds Max for 7 years now and it’s quite hard for me to think about using anything else. It’s my go-to tool for all my modelling and rendering needs and with the addition of Arnold packaged alongside, you really can do almost everything without leaving the one application.


3D cobblestone created using 3ds Max

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