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Serkan Çelik

February 2019 Artist of the Month

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Hi, I am Serkan Çelik. I am a landscape architect and I have been using 3ds Max to visualizefor 14 years. As a result of the experience which I gained by working at a few private companies in the past, I founded Tesla Studio in 2013 and continue to work in architectural visualization.

In addition to working on many projects, I have trained many people in 3D visualization. Due to the increase in demand of training for 3D visualization, we decided to establish 3D Campus Company with Boxx Turkey in 2017. We are operating as an Autodesk authorized training center now. In Turkey, we continue to take steps to increase the quality of the 3D sector and business development.

As inspiration for my work, I reference world-famous architects and artists. I can say that I especially admire Tadao Ando. I am interested in minimal designs and gross concrete structures. I aim to look at architecture from an artistic point of view.

My real profession is landscape architecture, but my dream was always to make drawings. I also enjoy sketch drawing or computer-aided design. I'm very happy to be doing what I always dreamed of today.

In my non-commercial projects, I like to take a look at the elements that I'm inspired by or really impressed with. I start my work by planning. I do extensive research and a document collection process. After preparing a 2D sketch, I go through a modeling and visualization process with 3ds Max. I evaluate my work with an objective eye by taking a large number of draft renderings. I make additions and changes until I get the result that satisfies me. In the final stage I do my post production work. At this stage, I am trying to reflect that the project makes me feel stronger.

I met 3d Studio Max 14 years ago and continue to work with it without ever having left. My favorite aspect is to be open to innovations and to allow continuous development. I think there is no alternative because of its complex content and its successful integration with rendering engines. I love my job and the most important reason of my success in this area is 3ds Max.


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| 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing your work and the mental and developmental processes that guide you in bringing your visions to life, Serkan Celik! I am neither artist nor architect but rather a 'poet' who hopes to learn 3ds max so as to add visual effects to the poems I write and have written. I think it is time to move poetry to a higher ground as poetry has moved people to a deeper appreciation of life. I am absolutely fascinated by the cover photo of your work for "February 2019 Artist of the Month" - I can only pray that I might attain to a modicum of your vision, skill and artistry after I have served my 14 year apprenticeship! Thanks for sharing!
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