Seungnam Yang

August Artist of the Month

Hello fellow artists. My name is Seungnam Yang and I am a 29-year-old character artist, working at the Locus VFX Studio in Korea.  I've been working as a 3d character artist for almost two years.  I am very honored and grateful to have this interview.

It was motion graphics that peaked my interest in 3D.  I was a university student, when I took a summer class that changed my art life. During that time, I was working in a container with five friends, but I dreamt of the future.  I always loved superheroes and animation and started getting interested in characters.  I created my own workflow using Maya, Zbrush, and Mudbox.

My inspiration comes from my friends and movies. I usually talk to my friends, I get ideas and plan a new personal project. When I finish a new work I always tell my friends and ask for their advice. Another favorite source is superhero movies. Every year when I watch new movies, I think of my next project.

I always feel inadequate and have a thirst for learning new skills and making high quality images. After I set foot in this field, I studied every day to improve myself. I collaborate with other artists to learn a lot and to share our knowledge. I feel like we're improving technology.

When I study, I am usually watching other artists’ tutorials and work processes. I try to learn and get new knowledge. Among the many tutorials which I have watched to make realistic characters, I recommend a YouTube video from my idol, Hossein Diba and a hair tutorial by Eisko.

I respect all artist who are working on their own personal project. I try to learn from their passion and knowledge by looking at the work of some of my favorite artists. Hossein Diba, Ian Spriggs, Rafael Grassetti, Vimal Kerketta, Kris Costa, Aldo Martinez, Dan Roarty, Duc Phil Nguyen, Frank Tzeng, Byungwhee Kim, Galal Mohey, Marlon R. Nunez…

I can't write down all their names, but there are an incredible number of artists in the world that are there and who inspire me to take on new challenges.

You can view more of my work here. I'll see you soon with my new better artwork. Thank you!

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| 3 months ago
good work... thanks for the interview...
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