Image courtesy of Valentin Erbuke

Valentin Erbuke

October 2018 Artist of the Month

Hello everyone! My name is Val and I am a 23-year-old character artist from Switzerland. I am currently working as a freelancer situated in Los Angeles. I am very honored to have this interview.

Like most artists I always drew, but probably not as much as I should have. What really got me into CG was video games and the technical aspects of it. It was later on that I started seeing the beauty of images and that's when I became much more dedicated to my craft and my career.

I am a very curious person and I try to keep learning as much as I can all the time. I love that there is always something new to learn in this industry. I am very observant and the more I work the more I learn about nature and life itself.

I first started using 3ds Max and Mental Ray about 5 years ago during my time in France, and now I primarily work with Maya and Arnold. I am especially fond of the newest version of Arnold, it quickly became my rendering package of choice. 

When I work, I like to study my pieces and dissect them as I work. I pay really close attention to the mood that I want to convey. I am not afraid of breaking realism in rendering to strengthen the main point of the image. 

There are plenty of artists that marked me throughout my career. They are Duc Phil Nguyen, Frank Tzeng, Rafael Grassetti, Justin Holt, Paul Paulino, James W Cain, and I am forgetting plenty. Their work is always so inspiring and motivating. 

You can follow my work on Artstation

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