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Vic Nguyen

April 2019 Artist of the Month

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Hi, my name is Nguyen Thanh Vich, but I am better known as Vic Nguyen. I am a graduate of Hue Arts University, in Hue City Vietnam, where I studied Fine Arts. However, it was in my third year of university, that my interest peaked for architecture and interior design and so I decided to pursue my passion and have worked in these fields ever since.


After completing my degree, I worked for some design companies and gradually became a 3D enthusiast. In 2003, I officially decided to work as a freelance CG artist and went on to open my own small company name Vic Nguyen Design which I still own with my partners. I am inspired by artists like Bertrand Benoit, Peter Guthrie, and Marek Denko. They are simply heroes of the CG architecture world.

I got acquainted with 3ds Max during my student days. Back then I was using 3ds Max 7 and until now it has been continuously developing. In my opinion all kinds of artists (designer, animator, filmmaker) can use Autodesk software to express or remake phenomenal things in the most realistic way. These can be things that have occurred in the past or will be created in the future. The tools give you the ability to make things accurately or turn them into your own flying ideas but in a calculated way.

I was fascinated from my first experience using the software and until today I think that it has been my treasure weapon. I am a permanent companion of Autodesk.

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