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Yuriy Dulich

April 2018 Artist of the Month

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Hello everybody! My name is Yuriy Dulich and I'm a CG Artist from Kiev, Ukraine, who works as a Lead Groomer TD for Image Pictures.

I didn’t have a classical start in the 3D industry like most people who say that they always drew or that they love computer games. In 2003, when I was in my first year of university I participated in various scientific conferences (nothing surprising - by education I am an astrophysicist). While looking at the many reports and presentations, I decided that it would be nice to add colors and artistic accents to them, so that all the scientific mumbo jumbo could be understood, not only by scientists but also by ordinary people. I started to learn the basics of 3D graphics on my own. Like most, I started with 3DS Max, but soon afterward, I started to choose between Maya and Softimage. The result stopped at Maya, which to this day is my main package.

After a couple of years, I wanted to get a real "combat" experience in the studio. I was willing to work for next to nothing in any studio, just to get any kind of experience in the industry, but at that time, unlike now, it was almost not possible. There were very little information and resources for learning were scarce, so I had to study everything myself.

The first job I got in 2008 was in an architectural visualization studio. I then switched to freelance because of the crisis in my country, then worked in the studio on augmented reality and 3D mapping where my background in physics was very useful.

I then worked in advertising and post-production studios as a CG Generalist and then worked in animation studios as a technical supervisor. And all this was supplemented by a lot of extra freelance work on various tasks.

In my professional career, I tried all aspects and modes of operation (from reasonable to hardcore- 18 working hours a day for several weeks) of our industry. Somethings I liked more while others did not suit me at all, but there were things for which I was crazy.
As a result of a 10-year journey through the ocean of CG possibilities and diversity, at the moment I see myself as a character artist (especially the creation of characters in a fantasy style) and the Groomer TD, although there are still echoes of a CG generalist.

Making of Bolg

Also in my work, I very often apply science and scientific approaches to various tasks and problems as well as their solution, not forgetting the artistic component.

I think the basic principle, by which artists must operate is an eternal search for knowledge and the desire to learn and comprehend the new - since knowledge is not redundant. Be observant and try to analyze the nature and essence of what you observe, don't be afraid of difficult and almost impossible tasks (because in fact there are almost no such things), try to get out of your comfort zone and try to pave a new path, as they say - The road is made by walking.

From myself, I want to add - do not waste precious time on wasting your fuel, do not forget about resting and enjoying nature and family and friends (helps to clear your thoughts and to solve difficult problems).  Lastly, watch your health.

Visit Yuriy's site to see more of his work!

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