Image courtesy of Ziad Balakosy

Ziad Balakosy

March 2018 Artist of the Month

Hello, my name is Ziad and I’m an architecture student from Egypt.  I am very passionate about interior design which made me focus on developing my presentation skills to produce photorealistic renderings.

I think my love for creativity and innovation is what made me want to study architecture. It's not just designing, it's the whole science of creation.

I also do some freelance work on the side.  I have designed some apartments and studios locally but it's not as fun as creating my own projects based on my imagination and without any design restrictions.

I usually like to start my projects by conceptualizing ideas or with hand-drawn sketches.  Then I start modeling right away and work on the details. 

After I graduate I’d like to travel abroad and start my own architecture firm or maybe an interior design studio.

My advice for anyone looking to choose this field is that you must be passionate, ambitious and most of all, really really patient. It's going to be hard and you're going to get frustrated.

Architecture is not an easy field to study it takes long hours of work and many sleepless nights but, the satisfaction you get when your creations see the light of day and you know that you have put your footprint on the world, is priceless!  My love for architecture is what drives me.


Visit Ziad's Behance and Instagram to see more of his work.

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| 4 months ago
Hi Ziad, are those your original piece a furniture? Great lighting job by the way!
| 4 months ago
wow its amazing sir