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November Artist of the Month

Ifthikhar AN

Last modification: 17 Aug, 2017
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What do you get when you combine the stuffs of dreams, travel and a passion for 3D art? The gorgeous FireFly Cottage, with day and night versions, of course. They instantly caught our eye and captured our imagination so when artist Ifthikhar AN offered to share his story with us, we couldn't resist. In his own words, read about him and the inspiration behind his stunning work.

I am Ifthikhar AN, born and raised in Kerala, known as the God's own country. My family currently resides there while I am working as a professional 3D artist and photographer in the capital city of India, New Delhi, for the last 4 years.

After my schooling, I decided to pursue my dreams. Unlike any of my family members, who are either in the medical or IT field, I wanted to pursue a career in a creative field! For that, I did the ‘Advanced Diploma in Multimedia’ from ‘Auriga Multimedia – The College of Media Studies,' which was certified under Autodesk and Adobe [2007-2008]. Furthermore, I decided to specialize in 3d Architectural Visualization.

I once had a dream, of millions of fireflies/lightning-bugs lighting up all around my house, I fancied them to be stars that took life and came down from the skies all around my home…

After completing my diploma, I got campus placement from Prism Technologies Inc. [A TAG Top 40 Company based in US]. I then worked as a 3D Designer in their Chennai office. After two years with them I left my job there and started doing freelance projects. A few months later, I received a job offer from ‘Sparrow Interactive’, one of the top 3D Architectural Visualization firms in India. I accepted the offer and moved to New Delhi and joined the studio as a Team Lead in 3D production. A year later, I was offered the post of Creative Supervisor managing a big team responsible for producing 3d walk-through animations. I had the toughest yet most amazing time of my career, dealing some super challenging projects and very tight deadlines. It feels like I gained 4 years of experience in the 2 years that I was there. From there, I resigned and got back to freelancing 3D projects and also started to take up freelance photography projects. I co-founded L’oeil Group with my two best friends. L’oeil is a Fine Arts photography studio based in New Delhi.

A few months later, I got a call from VRRT which is a prominent Architectural Visualization firm in New Delhi, to join as a senior 3D consultant. I am currently in my second year working with them and what an amazing place to work! I enjoy the hours flexibility and creative freedom that I can exercise. It allows me to finish my work and do things that I love.

I love creating art, and am an avid traveler. Mother Nature and the great Himalayas have been my greatest inspiration. I find time to travel to amazing destinations where few venture to go, after completing my projects that I am committed to. If not travelling, you can find me at film festivals or similar art related events happening here in New Delhi.

Some of my previous awards and publications includes 3D World magazine features, 3D Artist magazine feature, Evermotion Editors’ Choice Award, CGArena excellence awards, Ronen Bekerman Feature, CG Society Editor’s Showcase, CEIGA Magazine Features, Dope Award Winner, Solo3d Picture of the day, Treddi best of 2014 and front feature, Vray Workshop Top 5s, Special mention in Animago 2014 etc.

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truely amzing that your sense of lighting and composition is at the peak.Why 3d visualization instead of a career in animation industry?