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A childhood love for art turned into a promising career in architectural visualization for this bright, young artist. Born and raised in Italy, Lucia Frascerra is now working at one of London's most prestigious creative communications agencies.


Where did you study, how did you start in the industry?

I’ve always loved Art, in all forms. After studying art in high school, I decided to become an Architect. I’ve always considered architecture to be one of the grandest expressions of art. During my studies, I got the opportunity to take a closer look at what I considered a truly enchanting aspect of architecture: architectural visualization.

Architectural visualisation really shows architecture as a form of art and it soon became my greatest passion. In order to pursue it as a career, I did a postgraduate course at INRENDER, a computer graphics academy in Florence. It was during that time, from 2013 to 2014, that I was first introduced to 3ds Max.

After I graduated in Architecture and finished the postgraduate course, I decided to pursue opening my own business as a freelance 3D artist. From mid-2014 to mid-2015, I did just that, while also giving lectures on post-production at INRENDER academy. That year was very satisfying, for both personal and professional reasons, including the publication of my render “Snow in the City” in the prestigious Italian magazine “3D Artist Italia” as well as the nomination of the same render in the top five for the CG Architect Award 2015. My freelance experience came to an end in July 2015, when I was given the great opportunity to work at DBOX in London, where I am still working and learning every day.

Artic by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxArctic

What do you like most about working with 3ds Max?

I love 3ds Max for the versatility and expressive liberty it grants to the artist. I consider visualization a way to express emotions through the creation of real pieces of art.
3ds Max is an instrument which doesn’t replace the artist but rather gives them the flexibility and control needed to preserve their stylistic choices and expressions. I believe this is the reason why it is the most used software in this field.

There are many different ways to achieve the same result in this field, yet there is a part that is subjective as well. Because of this, and because of the varied backgrounds of each artist, the same project tackled by different artists would probably yield different results. That’s really interesting because you end up leaving your mark on everything you do. It really is a job so tightly connected with your own self and your way of looking at the world. I find this so fascinating!

What do you like most about the industry, your job?

This is a tough question, because I really love every aspect of this job, especially the infinite stimuli it offers every day. There is always something new to discover and someone to learn from; there is no risk of getting bored!

Holiday (design visualization workflow) by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxWorkflow: Holiday

Holiday by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxHoliday

What inspires you?

I think that every type of artist would agree with me when I say that, in a sense, the inspiration comes from everything around us. It sounds like a pretentious statement, but after all, isn’t this what we do when trying to represent reality according to what we see with our own eyes? And how can we actually do that if not inspired by reality itself? If the success of our job is mostly in the capability to convey an emotion, then everything that initiates an emotion can be a source of inspiration. In addition to that, is your peers. Maybe they’ve been in the industry for longer or maybe they tackle their work in such an incredible or different way that it is simply fascinating. Working for DBOX gives me the opportunity to sit next to amazing people, from whom I get inspired every day.

Home Sweet Home by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxHome Sweet Home

What do you think makes your work stand out? Any funny or unique stories that you would like to share?

Well, my studio has only been active for one year but I would say it’s because of the passion I put into it. If someone appreciates my images, I don’t think it’s as much because of my technique but because of the emotion I try to communicate through it and has been transmitted to the people who looked at them.

I also have a story to share! I’ll tell you about my secret weapon: whenever I make a render for my own pleasure (like most of those on my web site) I don’t show it to anyone untill the very end.

When the last touches are done and I think it’s ready, there comes the moment of truth: I show it to my mom and my sister. I can always tell whether it’s a success or not by their immediate reaction. My mom is a teacher and my sister is a student of linguistic mediation so they don’t know anything about architecture or graphics in general. I think it’s because of that that they are the perfect people for this job. They are like a blank canvas, not conditioned by what the image represents but only by the visual impact that it creates.

Snow in the City by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxSnow in the City

What are some of the most recent projects you have worked on that you are the most proud of?

In my personal work, without a doubt, “Snow in the City” is the one that, so far, has given me the greatest satisfaction; from the publication in “3D Artist Italia” to the nomination in the top five visualizations for the CG Architect Award 2015.

Northern House by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds MaxNorthern House

As a woman, any advice that you would give for other women that want to break out into the industry?

To all the women who want to enter this career, first of all I would say: always have the will to improve and have the humilty to learn from anyone around you. Always trust yourselves and your abilities, don’t be discouraged if someone tells you that you can’t do it. Always continue on, on your own path and most of all, love what you do.

Morning by Lucia Frascerra, made in 3ds Max
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