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March Artist of the Month

Romain Lavoine

My name is Romain Lavoine. I’m 22 years old and I’m a student at ESMA Montpellier (IPAX Certified) in France. I’m currently co-directing my graduation short film with five other students and will be graduating from ESMA on September 8th, 2016. My main skills are lighting, texturing, shading and compositing but I also have a strong generalist skillset.

I started to be interested in CG and VFX when I was in high school. I started by learning Photoshop and After Effects after school and I started to experiment from there. Since then, I never stopped and a year later I joined ESMA Montpellier. I started in their Preparatory Class of Applied Arts and switched to their CGI Animation and VFX training right after. Studying in a VFX school is a great opportunity and its gives you the essential knowledge of the CG production pipeline. The school gives me what I need to be proficient in some of the major tools used in the industry. I’m currently working in a team during my final year which is something that I really enjoy. I think we can really go further into the work when we work in team because each of us has our own specialty and can bring something specific to the team.


The school requires a lot of work and a good sense of organization during this training. It’s not always easy but it motivates me a lot and, in the end, I work hard even after school and during vacations, doing personal projects. The more you practice, the more you learn and the faster you are going to get. I think that personal projects are the best way to improve yourself. And above all, it’s also a great pleasure to keep working and developing my passion for CG.

With school, I also had the great opportunity to participate in some amazing events like the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (France) where I had the chance to meet and discuss with a lot of professionals from amazing studios like Dreamworks, MPC, and Framestore. The cool thing is that you get an overview of their own experience and also of what they expect from recent graduates. It motivates me a lot and guides me in my future work. I really encourage everyone to do the same.


I am really inspired by nature and the world that surrounds us. Every aspect of it has something that you can study and play with in your work. I’m also a big fan of apocalyptic movies and series like I Am Legend or The Walking Dead. This is what inspired me the most in my latest work. I wanted to create something related to it as well as my interest for urbex (a photographic movement which consists of the exploration of abandoned man-made structures). In this kind of project, there are a lot of things to create and a lot of details to include. I really care about all those tiny details. It really gives a special mood to your image/shot.

Film Set

I hope to work in the film industry after graduation. Ideally, I would love to go to Vancouver, BC. There are a lot of amazing studios in Canada and I would love to work for one of them on a feature film project.

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