22 Aug 2019

Jaakko Saari

3D Artist

Yokohama, Japan
Full Time
Software: Maya, 3ds Max
Industry: Film & VFX
Contact Email: yaschan@gmail.com
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I am 3D modeler with ten years experience of working in the industry. 

I have created props and VFX assets for TV production, movies and advertisements. I have also created environment assets for games.

I prefer to work freelance. One of my strengths is my communication skills. Having worked in the game company as 3D artist I understand the importance of communication with the client. Production of 3D models or assets is a collaborative effort. I also understand the need for some revisions, if the result differs what the client wants.

I use Maya mostly, but I am not stranger to 3Ds Max either. I can make sure my work imports flawlessly to various render engines.