30 Mar 2021

Pietro Bernardi


São Paulo, Brazil
Full Time
Software: Maya, Arnold
Portfolio Website: https://pietrolb.com/
Industry: Film & VFX
Contact Email: pietrolb14@gmail.com
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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently living in San Francisco, USA, undergoing a BFA degree in 3D Animation and VFX at the Academy of Art University, I've always been a huge admirer of CGI.

I got my first job in the industry as an intern for Big Studios, where I further enhanced my lighting/texturing skills and had my first contact with relatively large marketing projects. Later, in 2019, I was hired as freelance for them.

As my dream was always of working with big movies or games, I couldn't stay in Brazil any longer, so I took a huge step and moved to San Francisco in order to get a degree in 3D Animation & VFX and pursue a employment on a movie/game studio.

For the time being, I've been participating in several Pixar's Renderman Challenges, with which I managed to accrue several honorable mentions and got myself familiar with very talented artists around the globe, receiving valuable feedback, ideas and improving my set of skills. I also have been doing freelance work, lately for Brazilian studio, Vetor Zero.

I have two big inspirations: Ed Catmull, from Pixar and Shigeru Miyamoto, from Nintendo. By learning their history, the fire of pursuing your dreams and creating beautiful works has ignited inside me, and I never stopped since.