18 Apr 2021

sag wagh


INDIA, India
Full Time
Software: 3ds Max
Industry: Games
Contact Email: sag1time@gmail.com
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Dear Hiring Executive, 

In my search for new creative endeavors, I was thrilled to find the opportunity like this opening with . As an ambitious professional experienced in CGI, I believe that I would make an excellent addition to your team. Contributions to my former Lead CGI Artist role, and this field at-large, revolve around my essential talents in Technical Direction and Creative. I have developed strong abilities in collaboration and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through critical thinking and decision-making skills. As a team player, I am collaborative with peers and search for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through these qualities, I have confidence in my ability to facilitate positive change and collective effort. For a greater illustration of my background and qualifications, please review my enclosed resume. I am eager to speak with you about this opportunity and thoroughly appreciate your consideration.


sagar wagh