04 Jun 2019

Sanket Tonde

3D Modeler

Los Angeles, United States
Full Time
Software: Maya, Arnold
Portfolio Website: www.sanktond.com
Industry: Film & VFX
Contact Email: sanktond@gmail.com


Hello, My name is Sanket Tonde. My career started as a Computer Engineer. Although, it taught me to be analytical, think step by step, and also build a regimented work ethic; I was unable to channel my creative side. Being an avid gamer and having experience as a professional gaming tournament player is where I found the arena to exploit my creative side. The performances, fluidity and aesthetics of the characters drew me in and motivated me to pursue a degree in digital media. Having spent a lot of time playing high level traditional sports in combination with my Computer Engineering, I feel, has made a quite unique blend exploring my own abilities as a 3D artist.