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Working in Architectural Visualization: Samiha Dhifaoui

With a love for vintage style and décor, nothing was stopping Samiha from becoming the successful architectural visualizer she is today.

Bedrooms Around the World

A roundup of bedrooms designed by 3D artists from across the world.

VFX Bids for newbies

Get key insights into VFX bidding and budgeting and see how important of a role they play in your client relationships.

Midway: How Pixomondo Brought the Pacific Theater to Life

See how Pixomondo brought the Pacific Theater to life.

Qvisten:Taking on bigger animation projects

See how the Norwegian VFX studio, Qvisten, takes on bigger and better projects by leveraging their Media and Entertainment collection.

Eerie 3D Short Film: La Noria

Just in time for Halloween and for your viewing pleasure, watch Carlos Baena's short film La Noria, an online collaboration of international artists.

In the World of VFX, how much can you expect your salary to be?

Salaries in VFX

The Making of PY1: An immersive multimedia show

We spoke with Pieterjan Ruysch, the laser artist and content creator behind PY1; he shares his journey working on the project, with 3ds Max in his toolbox.

How to manage client relationships as a VFX studio

Just getting established as a VFX studio? This advice will help you gain and maintain client relationships.

Splash Damage: Keeping game development creative

Game development studio Splash Damage talks about the pursuit of mastery and the importance of constantly learning on the job.