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11 Spooky Halloween Renders

Last modification: 28 Oct, 2020
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 It's spooky season! Get your creep on with these hair-raising renders created by talented AREA artists.


1. "Jack-o-Lantern" by Hugo Camacho 

3d haunted house by Hugo Camacho using 3ds Max

We’d love to visit this gourd-geous 3D haunted house!

2. "Necromancer" by Diego Avesani 

3D necromancer by Diego Avesani using Maya

Wouldn’t want to run into him during a hike! This eerie 3D forest is based on a concept by Anton Lavrushkin. 

3. “Chucky Child’s Play” by Jolberto Piragibe Quini

Chucky the doll render by Jolberto Piragibe Quini using Maya

“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” No matter how realistic, we’ll pass on the playdate.

4. "Plague Doctor" by Michael Robson 

3d Plague Doctor by Michael Robson using 3ds Max

This ghostly plague doctor is ready to save lives. Concept by Boris Rogozin.

5. "Garuda" by Michael Robson

3D half-human half-bird hybrid by Michael Robson using 3ds Max

Never seen this species while bird watching before! We're in awe of this regal half-human half-bird hybrid.

6. "Nocturnal Harmony" by Nicolas Brunet 

3D starry sky by Nicolas Brunet using 3ds Max

Wish upon a shooting star! Nicolas's render highlights an adorable starry night sky that we're in love with. 

7. "Lasek" by Adam Szebesczyk

3d forest monster by Adam Szebesczyk using 3ds Max
Better turn around because we don't want a closeup of whatever that thing is! 

8. "Supplication" by Rodrigo Albarran
3d angel by Rodrigo Albarran using 3ds Max
Chewing must be a hassle for this eerie angel. 

9. "Blue Demon" by Ali Maghsudi 

3d blue demon by Ali Maghsudi using 3ds Max
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

10. "Cursed - Digital Sculpture" by Surajit Sen 

3d sculputure by Surajit Sen using Maya
Someone's getting teary-eyed. 

11. "Mansect" by Azin Janati 

Half-human half-insect hybrid by Azin Janati using Maya
No need to wonder what a half-human half-insect hybrid would look like any more thanks to this creepy-cool render! 

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