Image courtesy of Beatriz Orellana Matías.

12 3D Sweets That Look Real Enough to Eat

A variety of sweet-looking renders made using Maya, 3ds Max and Mudbox.

Last modification: 24 Jan, 2019
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1. Fedde Souverein's "Fantastic Breakfast - The Honey Snails"

Pancakes with magic honey render made with Autodesk Maya
This may officially be the first time we've wanted to eat snails.

Made in Maya.

Artist notes: "Kids are dreamers and have great imagination! Sitting at the table and enjoying their breakfast, their mind wanders off and they start to see fantastic things. A small boy looks at his cereal bowl and a roaring dragon emerges from the milk in his mind! Somewhere else a girl lazely stares at her pancakes while honey is poured on top of it. In her mind the slowly pouring honey starts to form snails crawling around her pancakes!"

2. Peter Roe's "Chocolate Cake"

Chocolate cupcake render made with Autodesk 3ds Max
Feast your eyes on this!

Made in 3ds Max.

3. Christian Wachter's "Sweet Temptation"

Cheese cake render made with Autodesk Maya
We'll take three.

Made in Maya.

4. Léa Charamond's "Christmas for Ladurée"

Laduree pastries render made with Autodesk 3ds Max
Excuse us while we close our eyes and pretend to be vacationing in Paris...

Made in 3ds Max.

5. Dennis Iversholt's "Morning Coffee"

Cup of coffee render made with Autodesk 3ds Max
*Cue instant caffeine craving.

Made in 3ds Max.

6. Shaghayegh Rezaie's "Candy 2"

Jars of candy render made with Autodesk Maya
Give us a chocolate! No, a jawbreaker! No, both!

Made in Maya.

7. Beatriz Orellana Matías' "Pancake" 

Stack of pancakes render made in Autodesk Maya
Because there's no such thing as too many pancakes.

Made in Maya.

8. Marisa Carámbula's "Cake"

Piece of chocolate cake render made in 3ds Max
Don't let the delicate silverware fool you, we'd lick this plate clean.

Made in 3ds Max.

9. Rugved Parab's "Chocolate Frappe"

Chocolate mousse render made in Autodesk 3ds Max
Layers and layers of chocolatey goodness.

Made in 3ds Max.

10. Victor Rudenko's "Cake"

Layered cake render made in Autodesk 3ds Max
Or as we like to think of it, a Glutton's Delight.

Made in 3ds Max.

11. Léandre Hounnaké's "Chocolate Raspberry Cake"

Chocolate and raspberry cake render made in Autodesk 3ds Max
If this was our last meal, we'd die happy. 

Made in 3ds Max.  

12. Marlis Streicher's "Black Forest Cherry Cake"

Black forest cake render made in Autodesk Maya
We see a food coma on the horizon...

Made in Maya.

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