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13 horror inspired 3D characters you'll be glad aren't real

An array of super spooky 3D characters made using Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold.

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You might have a hard time sleeping after looking through these, or you might be inspired to create some of your scariest 3D art yet. Or maybe a bit of both. 

1. Daniel Johnsson’s “This dude’s into metal!"

This metal head is a huge Grave fan, pun definitely intended.

Made in Maya 

Artist Notes: Lunchcrunch zombie bust I’ve been working on while eating heavy loads of melted cheese!

2. The famous Pennywise from IT by Luis Falconi

They ALL float down here! 

Made in Maya 

Artist Notes: “Pennywise (It) rendered in Maya. Hope you like it.”

3. “Creepy Doll” by Manlin Sun and Phi Vu

But WHY are dolls so creepy? 

Made in Maya  

Artist Notes: “Finally got this piece done. Thought it would be fun to make her face into a creepy doll. My colleague Phi Vu have worked on the sculpting, I did texturing, shading, rendering, and hair. Software used are Mari, Maya, and Photoshop.”

4. Alessandro Baldasseroni's utterly terrifying “Creepy Creature”

What nightmares are made of... 

Made in 3ds Max  

Artist Notes: “Sorting some backups on my hard drives and found this thing I’ve done at Blur years ago. It was a look development for the creature in a project that has never been further translated into a cinematic. Very old stuff, see so many ingenuities. Makes me think how I would approach something like this today.

5. An eerie and extra sinister-looking Enchantress by Antone Magdy, based on a concept by Dave Greco 

Made in Maya 

Artist Notes: “Ever since I watched Suicide Squad I was thinking about creating a fan art for Enchantress. Artwork based on a concept by the amazing Dave Greco, I really hope that you like it.

6. Another zombie by Daniel Johnsson! 

You can never get enough of zombies.

Made in Maya  

Artist Notes: “Zombie bust that I have been working on during lunchbreaks.”

7. Raul Eduardo Sanchez Osorio's The Unholy

Unholy is probably an understatement. 

Made in Maya 

8. “In Peace 2” by Manan Bachkaniwala

Seems this pilot’s parachute crash landing ended in a peaceful death. 

Made in Maya 

Artist Notes: “I wanted to portray death as something warm and peaceful, that when the time comes we accept our [fate] and greet death with a smile. Modeled in Maya, the clothing was done in Marvelous Designer, textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop using Quixel Megascans, rendered with V-Ray and composited with Nuke and Photoshop! Vegetation was done using a combination of Speedtree and Megascans.” 

9. The Wendigo by Alec Tucker

Wouldn’t want to run into him in any forests at night.

Made in Maya  

Artist Notes: “In Agonquian folklore, the Wendigo or Windigo is a mythical man-eating monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. Model made for a character modeling class.

10. Michael Myers Revisited by Daniel Johnsson

What better time of year to remember one of the classics. 

Made in Maya  

Artist Notes: “Revisited an old model of mine and fixed some issues. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.”

11. American Horror Story’s Twisty the Clown by Brandon Beren

Oh, look, another clown! Only this one’s hiding something under that mask... 

Made in Maya 

Artist Notes: “I had started this a while back as a quick hour-long sculpt and decided, in light of Halloween and now with this 2016 clown panic, to finish the bust. Made in ZBrush, UVS in Maya, hand-painted in Substance Painter, and Rendered in Keyshot. Fibermesh hair.”

12. Bernhard van der Horst’s Crawler


Made in Maya

13. Glancing Teaser of the upcoming animated 
horror short film, “Relicts,” by Arkadiy Demchenko

This creepy teaser gives us the shivers every time.

Made in Maya, rendered in Arnold 

Artist Notes: Glancing teaser with a toothy twist... 

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