Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

13 scary VR experiences you have to try

Scare the crap out of yourself in Virtual Reality

Last modification: 13 Dec, 2018
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Halloween is almost here, so the urge to play some of your favorite horror games might be creeping up on you. You’re probably thinking of reaching for your old copy of Silent Hill and settling in, however, if you’re looking to up the adrenaline rush, why not reach for your VR headset?



1. CBS Digital's Stranger Things VR

Taking the creep factor of the Upside Down a step further, CBS Digital were tasked to make Stranger Things into a virtual reality experience. Get a peek at what it’s like with the Youtube 360° experience. (Tip: turn all the lights off and put your headphones on).

Learn all about the Stranger Things VR experience here.

2. Red Barrels' Outlast 2

Already known as one of the scariest games ever, Outlast 2 made things a whole lot more terrifying by taking the game to VR. Once you put your virtual reality headset on, you’re thrown (literally) into the night-vision washed Outlast universe and faced with all the usual creatures – only now they’re up close and personal.

Read about the making of the original Outlast 2 here.

3. Paramount and VRWERX’s Paranormal Activity

We think the thought of being immersed in a paranormal activity-themed universe is utterly terrifying. The films on their own have had enough people jumping out of their seats at the movie theatre but now we all can experience the terror first-hand.

4. Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Any Resident Evil game comes with a lot of jump scares, zombies, and some more zombies but just imagine doing it all in VR! You start off trying to find your girlfriend – after she explicitly tells you to stay away. You’ve got to love the way horror games, just like movies, are starred by crazy people. Check out this Kitchen Demo of the game. 

Get the full story on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in VR here.

5. Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

If a creepy carnival theme is your thing, this game was made for you. The entire experience is played on a roller coaster, as you ride through a madhouse filled with terrifying clowns, pigs, dolls (and worse!) as you try to escape. Since you’re on a rail, you’ll want to watch out for motion sickness in this one.

Get tips from Supermassive Games here.

6. Twisted Pixel Games’ Wilson’s Heart

Enter the black and white world of Wilson’s Heart, a psychological horror game that will have your brain racing. You wake up as a confused patient in search of help and must navigate the desolate hospital on a dark and stormy night. The game is filled with secrets and has a storyline that any fan of psychological thrills will enjoy. Check it out.

Tips from Wilson’s Heart’s Lead Technical Designer here.

7. SPINVR’s Test Subject 901

This horror virtual reality experience plays on your fears of the unknown with its extremely dark environment. The only way to succeed is to stay completely still, quiet, and hidden – running won’t save you! The goal is to escape while avoiding the thing that creeps around in the dark.

Delve into some of Test Subject 901's easter eggs here. 

8. Bloober's Layers of Fear: Solitude VR

This one is for Google’s Daydream VR Headset. Set in a mad artist’s mansion, this psychological horror game couldn’t be creepier. From the crashing sound effects to the paintings that will make you think your mind is playing tricks on you, this experience has you constantly second-guessing yourself.

Read more about terrifying your players from the Bloober team here.

9. Tangentlemen's Here They Lie

This one will repeatedly scare the life out of you with sudden blackouts and visual effects; staying in touch with reality will be your greatest challenge. Follow your girlfriend through the entire game to get to the end but be warned: this is another one that tends to make your stomach churn due to the intense distortions. (Don’t worry, there are pre-determined rest areas for calming yourself down).

10. Strange Company’s Left-Hand Path

This horror RPG might remind you a little of Skyrim combined with Dark Souls (which the game was inspired by). Fight creepy creatures and zombie-like monsters as you practice magic.   

Delve behind the scenes of Left-Hand Path here.

11. Shawn Hitchcock's Emily Wants to Play

This one involves a lot of strategizing. You’re a pizza delivery boy trapped in someone’s home, and your goal is to survive the night while evading the doll, clown, and dummy that are all trying to kill you. While maybe not the most visually appealing experience, it makes up for it with challenging mechanics and jump scares.

12. Wolf & Wood Interactive's A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

This is another psychological horror game, with a scarily enticing storyline. You start in a chair in a room, in some sort of facility, being treated for an unknown illness, and you don’t remember a thing. All you have to rely on is what’s written on the back of your hand.

13. The VOID’s Ghostbusters Dimension

Disclaimer: Unless you live in Glendale, CA, Las Vegas, NV, or Dubai, UAE, you’re going to have to travel for this location-based experience. That said, for those wanting to be a real live Ghostbuster, this is your chance! Hyper Reality frontrunners The Void have you strap on a proton pack for this experience and enhance your busting with interactive sets and real-time effects!

Get a detailed look at The VOID here.

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