Image courtesy of Joe Zheng.

16 Ferocious Feline Renders

A visual list of 3D cats made using Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max.

Last modification: 30 Jan, 2019
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Here at AREA, we really love cats. Big cats, small cats, all kinds of cats. Judging by the abundance of 3D felines out there, we think it's fair to say that many of you feel the exact same way. So for all our fellow crazy cat people, here is a list of meow-nificently-rendered ferocious felines (with our best guesses as to what they're thinking).

1. Massimo Righi's "Tabby Cats"

3D model of a cat made in Autodesk Maya
Paw-lease cuddle me.

Made in Autodesk Maya.


2. Massimo Righi's "Street Cat"

3D angry cat made in Autodesk Maya

Made in Autodesk Maya.

3. Marcelo Souza's "Project Iron Cat"

3D iron cat made in Autodesk 3ds Max
I suggested Black Panther and Cat Woman, but noooooo!

Made in Autodesk 3ds Max.

4. Yuriy Dulich's "The Baby Cheetah in Studio 1" 

3D cheetah cub made in Autodesk Maya
None of the other cats want to play poker with you when you're a cheetah...

Made in Autodesk Maya.

5. "Yuriy Dulich's "Cheetah Family"

3D cheetah family Made in Autodesk Maya
-Mom, can we play with the zebras?
-Sure, but only until dinner. 

Made in Autodesk Maya.

6. Joe Zheng's "Sphynx"

3D sphynx cat made in Autodesk Maya
I enjoy sleeveless turtlenecks and podcasts about murder.

Made in Autodesk Maya. 

7. Massimo Righi's "White Tiger"

3D white tiger made in Autodesk Maya
So you've been controlling the laser pointer this entire time...

Made in Autodesk Maya. 

8. Oskr Segur's "Lion-el"

3D stuffed lion animal made in Autodesk Maya
You have to be kitten me right now!

Made in Autodesk Maya.

9. Massimo Righi's "Leopard"

3D leopard made in Autodesk Maya
I'm a leopard, not a cheetah! Would you call a pegasus a poney?!

Made in Autodesk Maya.

10. Nicolas Morel's "Workshop Lookdev Scene"

3D lion sphynx made in Autodesk Maya
Yes, I hear you calling my name. I'm just choosing to ignore you.

Made in Autodesk Maya.

11. Mae Caupit's "Kitten Witch (Still)"

3D witch kitten made in Autodesk Maya
I may look cute now, but you won't think so when I'm wrecking havoc on your apartment at 4 in the morning.

Made in Autodesk Maya.

12. Massimo Righi's "Yawn"

3D lion roaring made in Autodesk Maya
*Singing* I bless the rains down in Africaaaaaaa!

Made in Autodesk Maya.

13. Anton Osipkov's "Rat and Cat"

3D cat and rat made in Autodesk 3ds Max
This isn't the sibling I was hoping for.

Made in Autodesk 3ds Max.

14. Massimo Righi's "Kitten"

3D kitten made in Autodesk Maya
But WHY do the humans steal my poop with little shovels?

Made in Autodesk Maya.

15. Massimo Righi's "The Ering of Fire"

3D roaring tiger made in Autodesk Maya
I don't want to take a bath!

Made in Autodesk Maya.

16. Anton Osipkov's "Little Devil"

3D fluffy kitten made in Autodesk 3ds Max
They call me The Flouf.

Made in Autodesk 3ds Max.


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| 6 months ago
These are stunning. I use 3d studio max and I love using the hair feature but these are beyond anything I can do at present. I would love to see tutorials or a video of one being created from scratch. But then we would see how the magic is done and that rarely happens unless you are Andrew kramer then you give away all your secrets
| 12 months ago
These are freaking AMAZING! This inspires me to model my Calico! I mean.. it would basically be a blocky shape with splotches but still.. inspiration!
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