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18 Epic Superhero Renders

Superheroes, it's time to assemble! From Marvel to DC and everything in between, there are a ton of superheroes to keep track of. If you love heroic fan art, you're in luck. We've put together a roundup of SUPER renders created by talented AREA artists.



1. Stephen Anderson, Storm


3D render of X-Men character, Storm, using her abilities during a lightning storm.


Rain or shine, this Storm render is electrifying!


2. Julen Urrutia, Batman


3D render full body shot of Batman wearing his superhero suit.


We're going crazy over this na na na na na na na na na BATMAN render!


3. Guilherme Duarte, Spiderman and Venom


3D render action shot of Spiderman and Venom fighting against Dr. Octopus in New York City.


Just your average neighborhood Spiderman getting down to business!


4. Guilherme Duarte, Rocket and Groot


3D render full body shot of Rocket and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.


How do we feel about this awesome render? "I am Groot"!


5. Konstantin Gdalevich, Wonder Woman


3D render full body shot of Wonder Woman wearing her gold superhero suit with the lasso of truth.


This Wonder(ful) Woman piece is truly a great homage to the DC star.


6. Guilherme Duarte, TMNT


3D render of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles standing on a building's rooftop in the city.


These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting ready for a pizza run!


7. Alexandre Arpentinier, Miles Morales


3D render medium shot of Miles Morales wearing his Spiderman suit with the face-mask.


Our Spidey-senses are tingling over this adult version of Miles Morales!


8. Rajitha Naranpanawa, BatGirl


3D render portrait of BatGirl wearing her superhero suit.


Move over Robin, Bat Girl is here!


9. Justin Holt, The Thing


3D render full-body shot of The Thing from Fantastic Four. He looks down as his fist is in the air, shirtless and wearing black pants and shoes.


Here's "The Thing", this render totally rocks!


10. Vladimir Minguillo, Vision


3D render portrait of Vision from the Marvel Series. He's wearing his superhero suit with the Mind Stone on his head.


Our mind(stone) is blown away with this Vision pedestal!


11. Rafael Benedicto, Scout Annie


3D render full body shot of a woman wearing a dragonfly-inspired suit.


This futuristic dragonfly-inspired suit is totally fly-tastic! And bonus, it was an entry for the Character Creator Digital Human Contest of 2020.


12. Vladimir Minguillo, Captain America


3D render portrait of Captain America wearing his superhero suit.


How long can we stare at this Captain America portrait? We can do this all day!


13. Yinshiuan Hsieh, Shazam


3D render medium shot of Shazam staring to the side with lightning coming out of his fingertips.


Just say the word in 3, 2, 1... SHAZAM!


14. Aprianto Njiau, Scarlet Witch / Wanda


3D render portrait of Scarlet Witch staring straight ahead with red eyes.


We wouldn't Wanda mess with this Scarlet Witch!


15. Murtaza Saeed, Beast


3D render portrait of Beast from X Men staring straight ahead. His hair, beard and skin are blue and he has yellow eyes.


This X Men member is an absolute BEAST!


16. Marcelo Moraes, Hellboy


3D render portrait of Hell Boy staring off to the side. His skin and eyes are red, and he's wearing a green jacket.


Oh, Hell*Boy* Yeah!


17. Sujung Kwon, Young Gamora


3D render portrait of a child Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. She's staring straight ahead with her red hair in two braided ponytails. Her skin is green, she wears brown clothing, with a red background behind her.


Are you wondering, "What is Gamora?" or "Why is Gamora?". Well, "Here is Gamora!" Or, at least a younger version of her.


18. Giovani Kososki, Wolverine


3D render medium shot of Wolverine from X Men. He's smoking a cigar with his blades coming out of his hand.


This iconic Wolverine render is ready to kick some butt!



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