7 3D Artists You Have to Follow

Last modification: 21 Oct, 2020

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over 3D artists' work while wondering how the HECK they created such incredible renders? We do too. A little while back, we asked you who your favourite 3D artists were, and oh, did you deliver. If you were not already following these 3D artists’ incredible work, you definitely should be now.

1. Rowena Frenzel


3D ape Bloody Green Hell by Rowena Frenzel Autodesk


Rowena is a freelance 3D Creature Artist based in Germany. She creates incredible creature renders - both natural and magical - that seriously blow our minds.


Check out her Youtube channel and Instagram


2. Sefki Ibrahim


3D portrait of Michaela Coel by Sefki Ibrahim Autodesk


Sefki is a 3D artist based in London, UK. A master of photorealism, his 3D portraits are some of the most meticulous we’ve ever laid our eyes on. 


Give him a follow on Instagram


3. Hadi Karimi


3D portrait of Kurt Cobain by Hadi Karimi Autodesk


Hadi Karimi is a CG artist based in Tehran, Iran, who is an expert of likeness sculpting and character design. His subject matter tends to revolve around celebrity icons throughout time that look just, iconic.


Follow his work on Instagram 


4. Meats Meier


3D render Mother Nature by Meats Meier Autodesk


If you're looking for ethereal 3D characters, then look no further than the brilliant work of Meats Meier. Meats is an 3D Artist and Animator based in Los Angeles, USA, who's otherwordly works showcase a distinctly Meats aesthetic.


Follow him on Instagram


5. Carlos Ortega Elizalde


3D render Silver Threads by Carlos Ortega Elizalde Autodesk


Carlos Ortega Elizalde is a CG character artist based in Guanajuato, Mexico. He creates charming, one-of-a-kind characters that look like they’re straight out of a fantasy dream world.


Follow him on Instagram and check out his website


6. Dan Roarty


3D superman by Dan Roarty Autodesk


Dan is a Creative Director and the founder of Roarty Digital Inc, a character art studio located in Vancouver, Canada. His work often features iconic superheroes and villains, but always features a mind-blowing attention to detail.


Give him a follow on Instagram and check out his website


7. Ian Spriggs


3D portrait Pamela by Ian Spriggs Autodesk


Last but certainly not least, Ian is a 3D Portrait Character Artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His hyperrealist portraits showcase a complete mastery of light, shadow and texture that is nothing short of remarkable.


Follow his work on Instagram and check out his website



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