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5 gems on the RWBY anime franchise

Last modification: 30 Aug, 2017
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With over 150 million total views, the fan craze behind American-made anime web series, RWBY, can’t be ignored!

We worked with show creators, Rooster Teeth, to unearth these 5 gems about RWBY that both fans and series newbies will find priceless.

1/ RWBY was born of color schemes and fairy tales

"The core conception of the show was the color scheme of the four characters, and the idea that they would be four girls who fight monsters came after,” says Sean Murphy, Animation Producer for RWBY. “As the story was fleshed out, the idea to very loosely use classic fairy tale characters as the inspiration for the four girls came up: Little Red Riding Hood for Ruby; Snow White for Weiss; Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Blake; and Goldilocks for Yang."

is the first western anime to be introduced into Japan

Rooster Teeth broke the norm in 2015 when RWBY became the first American-made anime to be licensed in Japan. The series was exported by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Japan and hit #1 on in the animation category. RWBY, Vol. 1Soundtrack was also #1 on iTunes beating out The Hunger Games: Catching Firesoundtrack in 2013.

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3/ The voice of Salem, RWBY’s new villain, is also the voice of Cortana and Princess Peach.

If you’ve played any Halo game, the voice of Salem might sound familiar to you. Both Salem and Cortana of the Halo series is voiced by the legendary Jen Taylor, who’s also contributed her voice to Left 4 Dead 2, Destiny and to Mario games as Princess Peach.

4/ RWBY: Grimm Eclipse started out as a fan-made game

A huge fan of the RWBY series, indie game developer, Jordan Scott, created a RWBY game using 3ds Max and Unity. He released it to the public on Rooster Teeth’s 10th anniversary which caught the attention of RWBY creator, the late Monty Oum. Rooster Teeth subsequently hired Jordan to continue development. Eventually, a full development team was hired and together they shipped RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Steam in July 2016.

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Maya is the primary software in several of RWBY’s game and show pipelines.

From modeling to visual effects, Autodesk Maya is essential to Rooster Teeth’s production team. View their Instagram takeover for a breakdown of how they used it in every step of their pipeline.

Learn some Maya tips and techniques from Rooster Teeth’s Rigging Artist, Gio Coutinho on AREA’s Learning hub.

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