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Faces of Flame | How Mark Epstein Got His Childhood Dream Job

Spend enough time interviewing VFX people and you’ll notice a funny pattern: everyone has a different story, a different path into the industry. For Mark Epstein, a senior Flame artist at Ghost FX London, his passion for VFX work emerged out of his love of … skateboarding.

10 Dazzling Jewelry Renders

Do you love a good piece of jewelry? These 10 dazzling renders, made by talented artists with the help of 3ds Max, will have you dreaming about gleaming metals and precious stones.

Monthly Roundup

Time to take a look back at what went on in August.

Creating Digital Humans with REBLIKA and Mao Lin Liao

Mao Lin Liao, founder and CEO of REBLIKA, talks about his craft, the challenges of creating digital human beings, and the growing demand for digital avatars.

Debunking Game Dev Accessibility Myths

Tara Voelker, Gaming Accessibility Program Manager at XBOX and Mark Barlet, Executive Director and CEO of The AbleGamers charity, talk about accessibility, game development, and the games industry.

18 Epic Superhero Renders

We put together some incredible superhero fan-art renders created by talented AREA artists.

Monthly Roundup

Time to take a look back at what went on in July.

Black Artists + Designers Guild Develops OBSIDIAN Concept House

Designers BOA and Sheryl McLean from the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG), share their contributions to the OBSIDIAN Concept House of the Future and discuss their expertise in the field.

D2 TMRW Challenge Winners

How would you design planet Mars? The TMRW Challenge Winners share their creative process and experience with taking part in this contest.

How to Grow Your Network as a 3D Artist

We spoke with 3D Generalist, Pete Mc Nally, who shared his tips and tricks on how 3D artists can grow their network.