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Anomalisa: Anything but ordinary

Culley Bunker of Skulley Effects describes the unique challenges encountered on the deceptively complex, Oscar-nominated stop-motion film, 'Anomalisa.'

Brains, battles, and a bit of bruising

Ex Machina, The Martian + more: Milk VFX's CEO Will Cohen and (now) Oscar-winning VFX Supe Sara Bennett, reflect on the hard work and “good deal of swearing” that came out of Milk's very busy but rewarding 2015.

The small but mighty VFX studio who won on ‘Creed’

Big Hug FX's CEO and Visual Effects Supe, Benedikt Laubenthal recounts how hard work and agile problem solving made for a winning experience on Sylvester Stallone's 'CREED.'

Nowhere to hide: The Mill's see-through VFX in "Wide Open"

How The Mill used Maya to become the true scene stealers in Chemical Brothers' captivating, see-it-to-believe-it music video.

Deafilm Animation Studio

Deaf artists come together to create CGI magic.

Thomas Rudat

Thomas Rudat

Team Maya talks Star Wars

VIDEO | Autodesk's Team Maya share how Star Wars has impacted their lives and inspired their careers.

Lucas Sztukowski

Lucas shares the details and inspiration behind his work.

The Great Transmission

"The Great Transmission" documentary by Guna Foundation explores the journey Buddhist knowledge has made and asks the crucial question: What is the future of this ancient wisdom?

Bridging the Generations: Never Alone

We sat down with E-Line Media to discuss Never Alone, a game conceptualized in order to help two generations connect.