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Star Wars Alum Series: C. Andrew Nelson

INSIDE STAR WARS' FILMS, GAMES, AND VADAR MASK | The phrase, “it changed my life,” is often used loosely, but for C. Andrew Nelson, Star Wars quite literally did.

Star Wars Alum Series: Willi Geiger

THE ENDURING BRILLIANCE AND UNQUANTIFIABLE BRILLIANCE OF LIFE AT ILM | Unaware that a career in moviemaking was actually obtainable, Willi Geiger’s aptitude for computer graphics and a stroke of luck came fortuitously together to land him a gig at ILM in 2001.

Star Wars Alum Series: Ryan Tudhope & Kevin Baillie

The VFX BESTIES WHO SLEPT AT SKYWALKER RANCH | Seattle natives Ryan Tudhope and Kevin Baillie are living the ultimate Fan Boy dream.

Star Wars Alum Series: Stewart Lew

REMEMBERING ILM'S HYBRID MOMENT | Joining Industrial Light & Magic post the industry-redefining Jurassic Park, Stewart Lew bore witness to a special, unrepeatable "hybrid moment" in the company's evolution...

The Making of Helldivers

Meet Arrowhead Game Studios, the makers of Magicka and Gauntlet, as they tell us about game development for the gamer with discerning taste and getting an engine to work for you.

Star Wars Alum Series: Ellen Poon

A date with VFX destiny: Upon seeing Star Wars with her sweetheart in '77, Ellen Poon set a date with destiny. Enamored of its faraway worlds and the fiery romance between the princess and scoundrel, a life-long devotion to movies ignited.

Star Wars Alum Series: David Tanaka

ON PRESERVING CHILDHOOD EUPHORIA | One might think that seeing Star Wars 45 times during the summer of ‘77 would sufficiently burn it indelibly into anyone’s brain, but for a fan the likes of David Tanaka, it only left him wanting more.

Star Wars Alum Series: Christopher Townsend

THE GUY WHO MADE GREEDO SHOOT FIRST | From his first time seeing Star Wars on UK television, Christopher Townsend knew he had witnessed something special. Never did he imagine however, that he would one day become inadvertently — almost infamously — connected to its filmic lore.

Guillem Mudoy

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Bloody, amazing: The VFX of The Walking Dead

Sam Nicholson, Founder and CEO of Stargate Studios, explains how both Stargate and TV's favorite zombie hunters on 'The Walking Dead' keep hitting hard and upping their game to come back strong, year after year.