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#TheWalkVFX: A Twitter Q+A with Atomic Fiction

TWITTER TRANSCRIPT | Our Twitter Q+A with Kevin Baillie, Founder of Atomic Fiction and VFX Supervisor on 'The Walk.'

Lucia Frascerra

A childhood love for art turned into a promising career for this bright, young artist.

Murad Abujaish

Featured Story

Project Leviathan: World Building for VR at USC

VIDEO | Brad Newman, Sr. Research Associate at the University of Southern California’s World Building Media Lab, discusses how technologies like AR and VR will impact the future of storytelling.


Payload Studios, indie game developers in Hammersmith, England, share what it means to involve players in the game development process.

Into darkness: Making 3D animated horror film "La Noria"

Carlos Baena, creator of forthcoming independent, 3D animated horror film, "La Noria," tells his story of leaving Pixar to pursue his passion project.

Fuse FX on American Horror Story: Gloriously gory VFX

VFX Supervisor Jason Piccioni offers up fantastic tales of the relentless challenges faced as FuseFX bring Ryan Murphy’s 'American Horror Story' to life.

Part 2 of 2: Creating 'Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide'

VIDEO | 2/2: Stockholm game studio, Fatshark, has released 'Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide,' built using Maya and the core technology behind our new Stingray game engine.

The Dawn of the...Stuff

From Alf Lovvold, "Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid" (or Dawn of the...Stuff for short), is a fictitious film trailer that packs visuals the way its title packs words.

5 Lives Celebrates Indie Success with Satellite Reign

Innovative Pipelines and Crowdfunding the Future of Games Development