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From Black Sheep to Black Mesa and Beyond

The Source of My 3D Adventures

12 3D Sweets That Look Real Enough to Eat

These culinary creations might make your sweet tooth tingle, but they might also inspire you to create your own impressive food renders!

Realistic 3D animals: Modeling, grooming, and look dev tips

SERIES - Part 1 of 4 | FABLEfx shares 5 practical pointers for reference, design, hair, and fur when creating photoreal 3D animals in Maya.

Blue Sky Studios pushes animation further with Maya 2019

Blue Sky Studios discusses their approach to adopting new technology and working with Autodesk to improve Cached Playback in Maya 2019.

Artfully Communicating Architecture

Brick Visuals share their unique approach to the art of Architectural Visualization.

Carlos Baena’s La Noria: Making a scary animated horror short

Carlos Baena – former Pixar animator and co-founder of Animation Mentor – discusses what he learned in the making of his short horror film, La Noria.

2018 CG Architect Best 3D Film Award Winner

2018 Architecture 3D award winner for best architectural non-commissioned film project.

Japanese Mountain Shrine

Hi my name is Manuel and I am from Mexico, I am an architect and aspiring games environment artist.

Bounty Hunt Fan Film

The love for Star Wars started at a young age for Soren Zaragoza after having seen the original films. Feeling underwhelmed by the news addition of films, he took action to create his own fan project, Bounty Hunt.

13 resources to help you learn 3ds Max

New to 3ds Max and don’t know where or how to get started? We’ve compiled a list of resources from tutorials, to technique how-to’s, to troubleshooting.