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Aydin Yürekli

February 2021 Artist of the Month

Last modification: 4 Feb, 2021

We're happy to introduce our AREA February 2021 Artist of the Month, Aydin Yürekli! Aydin is a Turkish 3D artist who creates dazzling Design Visualisation renders. We sat down with him to learn about his work, inspirations, and advice to new artists. Read his interview below.


3D artist Aydin Yürekli headshot


How did you get started in the 3D industry? 


It all started when I was a university student and took 3D courses. I immediately fell in love with everything 3D. It was exciting to be able to create anything I could imagine on a computer.

I was also inspired by many 3D artists around this time, and wanted to acheive a similar level of high quality work.


What inspires your work? 


My dreams and imagination inspire me. I try to translate my dreams into 3D, as though they are real. I like to think that we 3D artists serve people by creating what they cannot imagine.


3D design vizualisation Natuzzi Freeman Sofa by Aydin Yürekli 3ds Max


What do you love about your job? 


I love working on different projects every day. I also love to play with lighting and generally push the boundaries of technology. The best is when I can see people react to what I’ve created though... Wow. That makes me happiest.


How do you overcome a creative block?


I sketch and listen to a lot of music whenever I’m starting a new project or feel like I’m hitting a wall. I try to focus on the foundation of my renders and try not to worry about completing all the little details until later.


If you could change anything about the 3D industry, what would it be? 


I dream of getting rid of staring at screens. I would love to have a program and a computer that could create what I saw in my mind so that I’d have more time to imagine.


3D design vizualisation Loft Sofa by Aydin Yürekli 3ds Max


What project have you worked on that you are most proud of? 


I am proud of all my projects – they’re like my children. Specific interior designs are not particularly important to me. What’s most important to me is when people like what I’ve created, whatever that may be.


What is the most valuable advice you've received in your career?


To always dream of better and never give up. And, that even the best artists started off somewhere.


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