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Bedrooms Around the World

Last modification: 16 Jan, 2020
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We've gathered some of the trendiest bedroom models from talented artists from across the world. With the help of 3ds Max, they brought these stunning designs from geometry to "I want to be there!"

1. TOT Render - Ukraine 

A group of artists from TOT Render worked together to create this stylish bedroom featuring a unique hanging bed. 

Find more of their work through their Instagram account @tot_render 

2. Yasser Brachia - Algeria 

Yasser used 3ds Max to create this modern bedroom, featuring hardwood floors and a 
walk-in closet.

For more of his work, check out his Behance account. 

3. 8 Design - Moldova

These shades of grey and turquoise were created by the talented artists from 8 Design.

More of their designs can be found on their Facebook page

4. Alexander Bokhan - Ukarine 

This sleek and stylish design was made by Alexander. Contrasts of dark and light make this masterbedroom perfect for a good night's rest. 

For more of his work, check out his Behance account.

5. Majid Kermani - Iran 

This simple grey and white beauty featuring  pops of color was designed by Majid.
More of his creative projects can be found through his Behance account

6. Ksenia Liakina - Russia 

From stimulating hues and relaxing views, Ksenia perfectly caputures a peaceful setting.  
For more of her amazing artwork, check out her Behance account.

7. Chung Wei Tan - Malaysia 


This extravagant bedroom with hints of gold and marble floors was designed by the talented Chun Wei. 

You can find more of their work here.  

8. Kostia Drevich - Ukraine 

Kostia is one of the artists from Gubaluk Architects in Ukraine that helped created these stunning designs. 

You can find more of their amazing work on their Instagram page @gubaluk.

9. Tuyet Ta - Vietnam 

There's no shortage of visual elements with this stunning design featuring gold and brown accents. This bedroom was created by Tuyet from Vietnam. 

Find more of their work through their Behance account

10. Lab 59 - Egypt 

This spacious bedroom featuring a unique style and an assortment of textures was developed by multiple talented artists from Egypt.

For more of their work, check out their Behance account

11. VizLine Studio - Maxim Tsiabus - Belarus 

This minimalist design blends design blends shades of grey and clean lines. Featuring unique hanging copper lights, this comfy bedroom was created by VizLine Studio

12. Harun Kaymaz - Turkey 


These stunning rooms were designed by the talented Harun who perfectly matches the balance of dark and light pallettes. 
For more of their amazing work, refer to their Behance account

13. Ali Gadzhiev - Russia 

This rustic style features a variety of textures and an exposed brick wall that provides a calming setting.  

For more of their creative designs check out their:


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