Technolust, Images Courtesy of IRIS VR

GameDev Podcast Ep.12 : IRIS VR

Blair Renaud

Last modification: 29 Aug, 2017
1 mins

In this episode we talk to Blair Renaud, long-time game maker and sci-fi enthusiast. Blair got his start with 3D Studio at age 10, and started working with Rockstar back when Grand Theft Auto was still a top-down game. Fast-forward to today, Blair is working on the cutting edge of VR games and experiences independently, at IRIS VR, as well as working with Quantum Capture to produce high end digital content using photogrammetry.

We talk to Blair about his latest game, Technolust, his favorite kit-bashing workflows for making new sci-fi content, and the difficulties of working as a fully-suited mascot.


Blair Renaud is the founder of both IRIS VR, a company dedicated to making VR games & experiences, and Quantum Capture, an innovative production photogrammetry studio. Get IRIS VR's latest VR game, Technolust on Steam or Oculus Home.

  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • MotionBuilder
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