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CBS Digital: Tools and teams that make anything possible

Last modification: 9 Oct, 2018
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With a pipeline including Maya, Arnold, Flame, and Shotgun, the team at boutique studio CBS Digital has the tools to make anything possible. As the software has evolved, so have they, building new worlds and solving the unknowns with tools they can depend on. 



Craig Weiss: We're coming to you from historic Television City, and some of the greatest TV shows have been filmed here. For us, it's really about ensuring that we're doing great work and that we're using the latest and greatest software, and that all these pieces come together to deliver a really great product.

Our desk is part of our DNA from Maya, primarily for our 3D work and visual effects and virtual sets, to Flame for final compositing and visual effects, and Arnold for a lot of the work we do in our pipeline, to Shotgun, which really manages our pipeline across not only visual effects but virtual sets. We use all these really wonderful tools that help us build these worlds and tell these stories.


Andrew Britton: My name is Andrew Britton. I'm the Head of Technology here for CBS Digital. My favorite projects to work on are the ones that I don't know how to solve beforehand, that require technology that I haven't used before, or research goals that I haven't researched before. Solving the unknowns are the bread and butter of what I do here, and it's my favorite aspect.

I made a decision to go with Flame, and it was one I never regretted. There were other choices back in the day, but it has been a very faithful friend to us and it still continues to amaze us in terms of the powerfulness of what it can do and all the new toolsets that they continue to bring to it. We've really integrated into our facility pretty heavily.

Maya's a great tool because it's really intuitive for a lot of the artists. It has become kind of the standard really for us for everything 3D. The way it integrates with other packages, rendering packages, it really becomes our 3D tool of choice.

We really do enjoy using Arnold. We like the maturation of that software. Since it's been adopted by Autodesk it seems like it's moving forward pretty quickly.

Shotgun is this amazing asset management tool that allows us to customize, plugin data, make sure all of the artists are really connected, and I couldn't imagine not using it because there's so much information that has to be spread so quickly that we can't have missed communication.

The greatest usefulness of Shotgun is the ability to take data in and using custom scripts reformat it for data out. Being able to have quick access to data and being able to transfer that data to other software is one of the most important things. That's I know where Autodesk is really making some great headway there.


Craig Weiss: What we've really come accustomed to and what we really like now is the subscription model. We quickly realize in a small boutique house you can really expand and contract very effectively, and that's a huge deal for us. Quite honestly, software companies like Autodesk that give us the tools to make anything possible. It works both ways, you have great artists and great software, and when you put those two together you get magic.



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