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Christian Wachter

May 2018 Artist of the Month

Hello, my name is Christian Wachter and I am a recently graduated student from Cologne, Germany, specializing in texturing, lighting, and lookdev. In the next few weeks, I will be moving to Montreal to start my first job as a Lighting Artist at MPC. My background is in cinematography and set lighting for film and television productions. I have always had a passion for movies and the dream was to be a part of them at some point, especially after I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie. However, as a child, I never thought this day could be a reality since I had no idea how movies are made, where I should start or if I want to work in this industry. But I always believed in this dream and did not want to do anything else.

This led me to my first job at a theater and that was the first moment at which I came into contact with the medium of light and from there it was all the way to the German TV and film industry. There I completed an apprenticeship as Media Designer for picture and sound and acquired a background in cinematography, set lighting and traditional filmmaking.

In the end, though I could never stop thinking about the mind-blowing VFX from Lord of the Rings and I it hit me that this is exactly what I want to do – work on the VFX for the biggest movies!

I started to study 3D Animation and VFX at Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy in Cologne, where I graduated last month.  I specialized in Texturing/Lookdev/Lighting, and my goal was to make my projects look as photorealistic, as possible. That’s what I have the most passion for – to make things look real.

I am very excited to start into the industry at this point, where the line between CG and reality is disappearing more and more.

In May, I will start my first job as a Lighting Artist at MPC and think that I am taking a big step closer to my goals!

That's what I want to try every day. I want to stay focused and believe in my dreams. No matter how difficult this may appear. Always try to get closer to your goals, even if it’s a small step, every step in the right direction counts!

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| 4 months ago
Awesome history! Love it! Your words are real and i can't wait for see your next move in this big insdustry!
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