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Gal Yosef

June 2020 Artist of the Month

Last modification: 8 Jun, 2020

Meet our AREA June 2020 Artist of the Month, Gal Yosef! We've long been admiring Gal's 3D work that gives iconic cartoon characters a fresh and slightly darker twist. Keep reading to get to know him and his work a little better.

 Gal Yosef



Hi, my name is Gal Yosef. I’m a 3D artist and CG/Creative Director in my digital design studio called Fuzion Studio. Fuzion Studio specializes in everything from CGI to animation and illustration. When it comes to my personal work, I like to focus on cartoons, and other types of stylized characters.


How did you get started in the 3D industry?


I started around the time I was thirteen years old, which is when I started using Maya and ZBrush. Before then, my skills were limited to 2D illustrations and using Photoshop for retouching. I was always attracted to the 3D industry because of my love of movies and video games.


3D Tom and Jerry by Gal Yosef using Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.



I was extremely inspired by Toy Story, especially by the characters Woody and Buzz.


What do you love about your job?


I love everything about my job. I love creating the images that pop up in my mind, the smiles on my clients’ faces when I deliver a project, and reading comments about my work. I even love it when I face a challenge in a 3D project because I end up learning from it, which only makes me better.


3D Mickey Mouse by Gal Yosef using Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.


What's your least favorite part about your job?


My least favorite part of the job is retopology. It’s pretty technical, so I can’t express myself as creatively as I would in something like animation.


What are some of your favorite films and TV shows?


Toy Story, South Park, Family Guy, Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Incredibles, Shrek, Puss in Boots, Lion King, Game of Thrones and Mr. Robot.


What are some of your favorite games?


Pokémon Sword, Grand Theft Auto V, Devil May Cry, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Tekken, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, and Doom.


What project have you worked on that you are proudest of?


The project I’m the proudest of is Donald Duck Found a Treasure. I’m really happy about the way in turned out. I'm also really proud of a project that I worked on called Jazz Coffee.



What does your workflow look like?


I use a combination of software. For characters, I usually use Maya for modeling, look development, grooming, rigging, and animation. I’ll follow that up with Arnold for rendering. For anything hard surface, I use 3ds Max for look development, XGen for grooming, and Corona Renderer for rendering. I also generally use ZBrush for sculpting and paint with Substance Painter.


3D Donald Duck by Gal Yosef using Autodesk using Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max


What is the most valuable advice you've received in your career?


To work hard and never give up.

To listen to people’s opinions on your work. It will help you get better.

To take a break and come back to your work with fresh eyes. Fresh eyes mean better results.


"Listen to people's opinions on your work. It will help you get better"


 3D viking by Gal Yoself using Autodesk Maya


What projects are you working on next?


I’m working on fan art of Tweety bird, animation for a project called Dancing in the Forest, as well as animation for a soccer project, a bank campaign, a coffee factory, a flight company, a vitamin company, etc. A lot of my work has been revolving around the animation of characters or food and beverages!

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  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Arnold
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