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Monthly Roundup

May 2021

Last modification: 1 Jun, 2021


Welcome to your May roundup.


Let’s give a big round of applause for our May Artist of the Month, Nicolas Morel. Originally from France, Nicolas is a Freelance Senior Creature Modeler who creates exquisite creatures straight out of a fantasy world. Read his interview here.


3D render of reptile on stem of flower with glowing lights in its antenas and tail.

Fringii by Nicolas Morel 



Vishwesh Taskar’s incredible Itachi Uchiha render is making us want to curl up with a stack of Naruto manga!


3D render of man (Itachi Uchiha) with engraved metal plate on his forehead.

Itachi Uchiha Fan Art by Vishwesh Taskar


Art history geeks, rejoice! Alex Mougenot puts a twist on Grant Wood’s famous painting “American Gothic” by creating it in 3D.


3D render of portrait of man and woman holding pitchfork in front of farm.

American Gothic by Alex Mougenot


Gal Yosef does it again with a fun twist on Pokémon-fan-favorite, Clefairy.


3D render of Clefairy pokemon holding Louis Vuitton purse shaped as a pokeball.

So Much Style by Gal Yosef



Are you a lover of 3D and science and looking for a career path that’s right for you? Medical animation might just be in the cards.


Step into the shoes of Ciro Cardoso, a senior innovation artist at Hayes Davidson as he tells us about his journey in arch viz.


Meet GMUNK, director and world-renowned visionary digital artist and learn how he created captivating fluids using Bifrost in his recent project with HP, “The Living System”.


Veteran Flame Artist, Renée Tymn, has produced captivating digital artistry for more than 25 years. Get to know her here.



Learn how to master clean spline modeling in 3ds Max thanks to another great tutorial by Arrimus 3D.


Eloi Andaluz Fulla shows us how to create 3D video projection mapping content directly from 3ds Max for architectural visualization.


On this episode of Game Dev Unchained, Brandon Pham welcomes Unity technologies’ Ray Graham, to talk about the state of diversity in the game industry.


On Simply Robotix, we meet Courtney Pure and learn about her unique path in the animation industry as a freelance artist and lover of science.



This creature concepting course will teach you how to use Maya and ZBrush to concept a character straight from your imagination to the screen. 


Want to work in the games space? Master creature modeling for games with Maya and ZBrush.


Next, follow that up with creature texturing for games with Maya, Substance Painter and Unity.



That’s all for May - see you next month!


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