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Monthly Roundup

June 2021

Last modification: 6 Jul, 2021
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Welcome to your June roundup!


A big congratulations to our June Artist of the Month, Kenan Destanovic! Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenan is 3D Arch Viz artist who creates dream-worthy renders that make you want to seriously upgrade your living situation. Read his interview here.


3D design visualization render of a minimalist bedroom.

Bedroom by Kenan Destanovic 




Are you a fan of dystopian fables? Check out the trailer for Distance, a 3D animated short film exploring themes of social alienation and discord.


 Is it just us, or is Damien Guimoneau’s render one in cha-meleon?


3D render of a chameleon shaman hybrid character holding a string of fire in one hand.

Shamaneleon by Damien Guimoneau


How surreal is this Salvador Dali render created by Hadi Karimi?


3D render of a photoreal portrait of Salvador Dali who looks straight towards the viewer.

Salvador Dalí by Hadi Karimi




Work faster, boost productivity, and focus on being creative with accelerated workflows in 3ds Max. This update includes a faster Smart Extrude experience, improvements to popular modifiers, a new Settings Recovery tool, and more. Check it out here.


Graphic of a 3D rendered spacecraft with the logo "Autodesk 3ds Max" on the top right of the graphic and an image courtesy of Thomas Woodward on the bottom right.


Power your ideas with time-saving tools in Flame. The latest update provides VFX artists with a slew of enhancements to fast-track their creative workflows and drive productivity. Learn more here.


Graphic of two women sitting in lawn chairs with sunglasses on. The logo "Autodesk Flame" is placed on bottom right-side of graphic along with an image courtesy of "Nice Shoes' VFX artist Kayako Ono.



Exciting news! Weta Digital has announced the first-ever VFX pipeline available as a cloud service built on Maya’s open API.


Did you catch the news that Shotgun Software is renamed to ShotGrid? Though Shotgun has a new name, it continues to bring the same power to animation, VFX, and games pipelines. Learn more here.





Learn how to master creating Arch Viz scenes with this AutoCad to 3ds Max Workflow taught by Sara Moheimani.


On this episode of Simply Robotix, Monique interviews 3D Modeler, Deborah Anderson of @BlkWmnAnimator.


Missed this year’s Women in Animation Virtual Summit At Annecy on the theme of “The Business Case For Diversity”? Don’t fret – they’ve rounded up the recordings for your viewing, which includes a series of thought-provoking discussions and films featuring a diverse group of women across the animation industry. Check it out here.


Looking to kickstart your career as a 3D artist? In this panel discussion, co-hosted by Autodesk and The Rookies, freelance artists discuss their experience and career path, share the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and offer advice on how to succeed.


Arrimus is back with the next chapter in his retopology masters series! In this video, he shows us how to model with booleans and use the retopology modifier.


It’s time for 3ds Max news again. Tune into Eloi Andaluz Fulla’s 3ds Max June News.


We recently sat down with Gamasutra to discuss where the game industry is going and how tools like Maya and 3ds Max are ever-evolving to meet the needs of game developers along the way.




We've pulled together key learnings from the last year of remote working, where production tracking and workflow optimizing software ShotGrid, has been at the center of the shift. Read about it here. 


Looking to perfect your VFX portfolio? Check out these 8 expert tips.


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ roundup of design viz renders? With the help of 3ds Max, these talented artists created dreamy restaurant and bar renders that will make you want to reserve a table and enjoy.


Korean VFX company Westworld, improves workflow efficiency with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Read about it here.



That’s all for June - see you next month!


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