Image courtesy of Rafael Benedicto.

Monthly Roundup

February 2021

Last modification: 2 Mar, 2021

Is it March already?! Welcome to your monthly roundup for February 2021.

Let’s give a big round of applause to our February Artist of the Month, Aydin Yürekli. Aydin is a Turkish 3D artist who creates dazzling Design Visualisation renders that totally make us swoon – get acquainted with him and his work.



Yinshiuan Hsieh totally crushed it with his render of Shazam!

shazam 3d by yinshiuan hsieh

This original character by Rafael Benedicto is so fly. (Get it?!)

scout annie by rafael benedicto

Finally, Alireza Khoshpayam has totally won us over with this dreamy, modern nature getaway. Can we get the keys, please?




9th Street Films’ founder, Flame artist, and colorist Andre Basso discusses how a robust Flame-based post-production and finishing pipeline allows his team to produce high-caliber VFX and deliver color grading for less.


Monique Henry-Hudson, a trained 3D animator, and Story Coordinator at Netflix Animation, shares what it takes to make a successful podcast. As a six-year veteran of podcasting and the current host of Simply Robotix, she shares her passion for and knowledge about animated art, film, and television.


Michael Robson, 3D Character Artist based in Curitiba, Brazil, breaks down his Magni King of Ironforge render.


Finally, get caught up on the latest in Mkali’s Mission, our journey through creating a 3D animated sequence from concept through final render from our very own "remote studio". We dive into the modeling phase of the project with Adrian Wise and Steve Talkowski who share what goes into modeling the props, and then we get to know the artists just a lil’ bit better.



Our own Jose Elizardo covers workflows relevant in e-commerce.


It’s that time of the month – tune into Eloi Andaluz Fulla’s 3ds Max February News.


Check out the final episode of Harvey Newman’s Maya 2020 Power Tips series.


Finally, Sir Wade Neistadt gets into the nitty-gritty and talks workflows for professional animators.



That’s it for the month of February. It’s been nice catching up with you – see you in a month!


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