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Monthly Roundup

January 2021

Last modification: 2 Feb, 2021


We promise, we this is (hopefully) the last time we’ll have to look back at 2020!
Here’s what December and January had in store for the world of 3D.


Let’s kick it off by congratulating our AREA Artist of the Year, Michael Khoo. Read all about Michael and check out his awesome work. Don’t forget to submit your own work to the AREA Gallery – you may just be our next Artist of the Month!

If you missed it, our first Artist of the Month for 2021 is Dongyoung Hwang. Congrats Dongyoung!


Hitting our cover this month is newcomer Patrick Evrard – we’re loving this merman!


merman by patrick evrard


The detail on this one has us slithering in awe. Great work George Manolache!


snake by george manolache


Last but not least, Gal Yosef flexes his skills again with his rendition of Popeye.


popeye by gal yosef



We released Maya 2020.4, marking a major milestone for visual programming in Bifrost for Maya, and much more.


And we also released 3ds Max 2021.3, introducing new capabilities to the viewport, improved modeling efficiency for artists with enhancements to popular modifiers, performance improvement, and new security features.


Finally, get ready for more speed and flexibility to your workflows with new post-processing nodes for better control of lighting effects and tools for automatic denoising after each render. Arnold 6.2 is here.



Global industries are looking to combat the climate crisis, with lots of innovation happening in reducing carbon footprint and eliminating waste. For CGI Furniture, developing high-fidelity 3D product models for international clients is part of an effort to curtail the environmental impact of modern production with a more affordable and efficient design-to-retail process.


Joyce Boll, Executive Producer for VFX studio Break + Enter, sat down with us to talk about her career, gender inequality, motherhood, and the next generation of VFX producers and supervisors.


Join us for the latest update on Mkali’s Mission - an epic 3D sequence created using each of the tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection. We’re sharing the whole journey right here on AREA. Take a look at where we’re at.


The Simply Robotix podcast featuring Monique Henry-Hudson is joined by animator Steven Johnson. He talks about being from NY, relocating to pursue his career, working on Into the Spiderverse, his favorite animated films, shows, and more.


We launched a game dev glossary that hopefully, you’ll help us grow.


Meet Julia Gamolina, architect and founder/editor-in-chief of online publication, Madame Architect, shares her unconventional journey, some eye-opening insights, and her hopes for the future.



Eloi Andaluz Fulla shares his retopology tips and tricks in 3ds Max.


Arvid Schneider shows us how to get fast and clean renders with regular powered machines.


Harvey Newman keeps the Maya Powertips series going with Motion Capture vs Handkey Animation and animation layers part 2.


Antony Ward shared more rigging tutorials for Maya in his series.


Simon Mills shared a few new Maya tutorials on building a rig and animation vehicles.




That’s all folks - catch ya next month!


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