Image courtesy of Lucio Arese.

Monthly Roundup

April 2021

Last modification: 6 May, 2021


Is it spring yet? Welcome to your April roundup.


Meet April’s Artist of the Month – Ali Chenari, an awarded Art Director and CG/3D illustrator who has been working in the animation industry for more than 18 years. We are obsessed with his adorable, oh-so-soft-looking work. Get a feel for it here.


3d felted animal character



Rudraksh Sharma’s ice cream cone has us lusting for that summer weather… SO close.


Pink Ice cream on a black cone


Lucio Arese – your work is just smashing.


Marble statue of Hermes exploding into pieces


Alexandre Arpentiniers Miles Morales has our impressed-editor-sense tingling! (Hey – they can’t all be slappers.)


Miles Morales Spiderman



There’s a new Flame update, comin’ in HOT. Read all about it.

Get up to speed with all the latest in 3ds Max plugins.

A leaner, still powerful version of OpenVDB? Yes, please. Meet NanoVDB.



Get the latest update on where we’re at with Mkali’s Mission.

Looking for a career in 3D but don’t know what’s out there? Explore some not-so-traditional career paths.

Meet Gary Yost, as he shows us how he flexes his storytelling muscles – in VR.

Another year of the VES Awards is past us. Meet the VES Student Award winners, and check out their winning film, Migrants.

Imagine a team of 350+ artists working across 35 countries on a short film over the span of 10 years. That’s passion. And that’s how Mila was made.

In just under two decades of work, Mark Bartlet and AbleGamers have massively shifted the conversation on disabilities within the games industry. They've helped to standardize techniques, approaches, and benchmarks that have enabled both AAA and indie game developers to create more inclusive, more accessible games.



Eloi Andaluz Fulla shows us how to model for ArchViz in 3ds Max 2022 10X faster.

How about a tutorial from our pal Andrew Krivulya? Here’s how to create a real-time hairstyle from scratch in Ornatrix for Maya.

Ready for a series of new tutorials for Flame 2022?


That’s all for April – see ya next month!


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