21 photo real portraits made in 3ds Max and Maya

A jaw-dropping roundup of photorealistic portraits found on AREA

We scoured the AREA gallery in search of the most astonishing photorealistic portraits. From peach fuzz to pores, split ends to fine lines, scroll down to marvel at the photo real masterpieces artists have created in Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya.

1. Dan Roarty's portrait of Nana

CG portrait of a grandmother at her birthday party

Made in Maya and Mudbox

Artist Notes:"This image is inspired by my nana who passed away a few ago.. but not a likeness. Modeling in Maya. Mudbox for sculpting/texturing and Vray for rendering head, hair, and balloons. Hair/fuzz was created using Shave and Haircut then converted..."

2. Sergii Andreichenko's Urban Melancholy

CG portrait of a homeless man smoking in the city

Made in 3ds Max

Artist Notes: "The work devoted to homeless people in big cities."

3. Valentin Erbüke's digital portrait of an old man

CG portrait of an old man with leaf shawdows on his face

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: "Old man modeled, textured, shaded and lit for Daniel Edery's amazing character Texturing class at #gnomon! Textured with the incredible Texturing.xyz." 

 4. Tsubasa Nakai's character, Anna

Low-light CG portrait of a young woman with a shawdow across the left side of her face

Made in Maya

5. Vitor Caminha's recreation of Cataline, BC's famous mule packer

CG portrait of Cataline (Jean Caux), famous mule packer in British Columbia, Canada

Made in Maya and rendered with Arnold

Artist Notes: "This is a personal project of a real person who was part of the history of BC in Canada. Face details is just sculpting. No texture ready for pores or anything. Skin color is just painted straight on the model, no photos. Hair was done in XGen and rendered in Arnold."

6. Nicolas Niño's Pathfinder Investigator, Quinn

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: "Inspired by the Wayne Reynolds illustration for Pathfinder. Real-time character rendered in marmoset toolbag: 150k triangles total, 10k triangle for all the hair, 4 4k texture sets for the body and props, 1 4k texture set for the face, 1 4k texture set for the hair."

7. Germano Vieira's portrait of Tatiana

Made in 3ds Max

Artist Notes: "Skin Shader, Rendering, and Post-Production by Germano Vieira. 3D Model and Textures by Eisko."

8. Jacques Leyreloup's self-portrait

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: "The next step will be to make some expressions and poses to make it more alive."

9. Alireza Akhbari's portrait of Nadir Shall

Made in 3ds Max and Mudbox

10. Alexander Beim's portiat of Albert Einstein

Made in Maya and rendered with Arnold

Artist Notes: "Portrait of Albert Einstein was created in Maya and rendered with Arnold for a Hologram presentation."

11. Hugues Giboire's The Teacher

Made in Maya and Mudbox

Artist Notes: "I recently met with someone who helped me remember how important it is to return to our past experiences, scrutinize them in detail with our present eyes and make sure we have acquired all the knowledge we possibly could out of them at this point in time.

As a tribute to this commitment and a token of gratitude for this teaching, here is a carefully revisited version of a portrait I made a few weeks ago, hopefully, rid of its major flaws. 

Rendered with Octane Render."

12. Ryan Elliot's character and skin study

Made in 3ds Max

Artist Notes: "This started out as a skin study, but I ended up making a bit more of a character out of it."

13. Tomas Kral's Space Gorilla

Made in Maya and rendered with Arnold

14. Luis Falconi's creepy Pennywise

Made in Maya

15. Venetis Kokonas's old man portrait

Made in 3ds Max and Mudbox

Artist Notes: "Portrait of an old man, based on a John Rensten photo. After the last improvements, I believe it's complete... I tried to get the details of the old man's face, that the photographer did perfectly. (Sculpting in Mudbox, skin shader with V-ray alsurface)."

16. Hounnaké Léandre's portrait of a Mursi tribe woman

Made in 3ds Max and Mudbox

17. Muhammad Waseem's portrait of Kareem Sultan

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: "It was a research project on 'from scan to production use.' Used Maya, Zbrush and texturing .xyz maps to create this artwork. All texturing done in Mari. Hairs made with Ornatrix using base guides from ZBrush in Maya and rendered in Redshift."

18. Dimitris Vventas's portrait of footballer Paul Pogba

Made in Maya3ds Max, and Mudbox

19. Timothée Maron's digi-double

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: "Here's a digi double study of myself made during my third year at ESMA. First time making skin shading, hair grooming and head scanning/modeling. It was very interesting to try to match as much as I could to the reference I took, and push every detail to get the most realistic aspect. The most difficult part was to try to get out of the uncanny valley, not really satisfied with it but I enjoyed working on this project!"

20. Joe Zheng's portrait of Idris Elba

Made in Maya and rendered with Arnold

Artist Notes: "This is a personal project aimed at the likeness of the actor Idris Elba. Sculpted in Zbrush by referencing the photos collected online, textured in Substance Painter, groomed in X-Gen, and finally, rendered in Arnold Maya."

21. Ian Spriggs portrait of Sean Frandsen

Made in Maya and Mudbox

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