Image courtesy of Rakan Khamash

Rakan Khamash

AREA 2018 Artist of the Year

Congratulations to Rakan Khamash for having been voted the 2018 AREA Artist of the Year by the community and our panel of judges!


Tell us about your winning piece.

Chill-Bot is an artwork inspired from a 2D concept art by Creature box. The robot design was very cool and I loved that it looked like he was waiting for something or someone. I imagined him being at a bus stop with some NewYork inspired texture and light theme.


Tell us about your start in the industry.

I started way back in 2009, right after I finished school, with a company called 9B Studios. It was and still is one of the best places that I have worked at. Crazy people, lots of fun and a great learning experience.
That was where I knew that 3D art is something I really love and enjoy doing.

What have you worked on that you are most proud of or excited by?

I’d have to say Lucio’s Sound-Gun from Overwatch.  Other than the fact that the original gun was made by the coolest guys out there, BLIZZARD, it was also my first animation and rig test.
I also worked on everything from A-Z, including the remix used in the animation. I was surprised by the feedback I got all over social media, even my mom shared it! 

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What inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by a lot of the environment around me including video games, other artists, photography, movies and music. 

What is your biggest challenge when working on a new piece?

I think my biggest challenge is finding the creative mood (aka 3D Mojo) and the right inspirational concepts/references.

What do you love most about what you do?

Rendering time and unexplained bugs and crashes! Hehe, no for real , I enjoy doing everything in the process because each stage has its own weird characteristic that makes you love and hate it at the same time.

If I had to pick one favorite thing I’d say modeling, I’m talking about that Hardcore Quads-Only nice topology flow clean modeling. This is not to mention the feeling you get once you hit that render button at the end and watch all the hard work magically transform into an image that explains why you have been missing for a couple of days/weeks :)

Do you have any advice for other young 3d artists?

Try to find a bunch of good artists that make you say OMG these guys are so good that I want to be as good as they are someday! Keep working your AS% off until you reach that point where you think you are as good, then find a better artist and repeat!

Also be open to learning new things, accepting critique, socialize with other artists and make sure you have friends that keep pushing you and giving you constructive comments on your work.

Who has influenced your work/career?

That’s a big list but I can name a few; Blizzard Entertainment, Renaud Galand, Victor Hugo, Queiroz, Hicham Habchi, CreatureBox, Alex Roman, Tiago Hoisel and Rodrigo Gelmi.   

Thank you guys again for choosing me as Artist of the year! 

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