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Samiha Dhifaoui

Last modification: 12 Aug, 2021

Another month, another artist feature! We're excited to introduce you to our AREA August Artist of the Month, Samiha Dhifaoui. Samiha is a 3D Arch Visualizer with eight years of experience who is based in Doha, Qatar. Her workflow combines 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, and Marvelous Designer. Most recently, she’s been working as a freelance interior designer and Arch Viz instructor.


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Samiha Dhifaoui 


What was your "this is what I want to do as a career" moment?

It was after I had quit from an architecture company I was working at. Even though I had studied interior architecture, I wasn't sure f it's what I wanted to do anymore.

I eventually spoke with the director of Net Info, a school for art and technology, about the 3D industry. We talked about everything and anything, and she helped open my eyes to what a career in 3D could look like. After that, I moved to attend Net Info as a 3D generalist student, learning everything there was to learn from character design to environment art. It was the beginning of an incredible journey in my career.


3D render of kitchen table with bowl of peaches and coffee in a larger room luxurious room with various prints, textures and colors.

 Allure Inspired by Kairouan Homes Maximalist Design by Samiha Dhifaoui


What was your first job in the 3D industry?

I received a job offer in a production company in Casablanca the day after I finished my 3D art degree. I was 22 years old at the time and hungry for adventure, so I accepted the offer and moved to Morocco. I learned so much from my colleagues and managers there. The culture was extremely creative and the experience was great overall.


What inspires you?

Every shape, object, sound, view, smell, and creature inspire me. I also find inspiration in abandoned areas, vintage aesthetics, and worn-down textures like rust. Ultimately, my goal is to create my own signature style, where my renders are completely unique.


3D render of eagle eye view of ceramic pots and stack of books with the title "the cave dwellers of southern tunisia"

Troglodyte - Matmata by Samiha Dhifaoui 


3D render of minimalist room in pale shades of white and stone. Sign on the back wall says "welcome to matmata"

 Troglodyte - Matmata by Samiha Dhifaoui 


3D render of closeup of two books with a small toy darth vader helmet in the background. First book is called "Star Wars. A new hope." Second book is called "The cave dwellers of southern tunisia."

Troglodyte - Matmata by Samiha Dhifaoui 


3D render of closeup of darth vader helmet in the cove of a stone wall.

 Troglodyte - Matmata by Samiha Dhifaoui 


What project have you worked on that you are most proud of?

The project that I am most proud of was a project done for the ministry of communication in Tunisia, where the minister would address the public with a powerful message during an event. We decided to show his speech using a hologram technique to make the spectator feel like they were watching a message from the future - until he surprised everyone by appearing live onstage. The project was ambitious, and even though we were only a team of six people, we finished it within a month. The best part was seeing the live event and how much visibility it got.


What advice would you give women just starting out in their 3D careers?

Do not despair at initial failure. This industry requires patience, but if you’re working towards your career in any way, you’re already a winner. 


3D render of a large and glamorous living room. Two of the walls are made of windows, and the floors are made of marble.Living Room by Samiha Dhifaoui


What projects are you working on next?

Currently, I’m enjoying the summer. It’s all about vacation, the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoying the sun with family and friends. I’m also preparing two 3D talks that I’ll be giving in September.


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