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Spooky Renders: A roundup of AREA's best 3D Halloween art

Dive into this spooky 3D art created by AREA artists for our spooky renders round-up, all made using 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, and Arnold.

Last modification: 31 Oct, 2018
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Thanks to all the talented artists who participated in our spooky renders round-up! Scroll down to see our selection of scary and skillful 3D art.  

1. Yeo Injune’s “Eleven”

Stranger things Eleven fanart

Does anyone smell Eggos?

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: This character is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) from Stranger Things. I tried to express Millie’s expression more strongly than usual, and I tried to express my skin and hair more realistic.

2. Ahmed Afazil’s “Possessed”

3D character Possessed halloween

Got your nose!

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: Based on a concept by Daniel Jimenez

3. “A nurse” by Paweł Świerczyński

scary 3D halloween nurse

Uh…can we have a different nurse, please?

Made in Mudbox

Artist Notes: #scaryrender

4. “Eye for Dinner” by Shaghayegh Rezaie

Eyeballs for dinner 3D halloween art

How eye-ppetizing.

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: Creepy render.

5. “Pinhead (Hellraiser) by Yeo Injune

Pinhead Hellraiser fanart


Made in Maya

Artist Notes: Pinhead (Hellraiser) - Fanart

6. Christopher Holloway’s “Nightmare Chica IRL”

Five Night's at Freddy's Nightmare Chica 3D

We know where we’re having our next birthday pizza party.

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: This project is for the “Post Your Scariest Work AREA Gallery” submission. It displays a character infamously known in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, named “Nightmare Chica,” ominously waiting inside of an animatronics storage room in an unknown location.

Note: 3D Model of Nightmare Chica was provided for free by ZW Multimedia on TurboSquid.

All other CGI work (including modeling of environment plus elements of 3D character model, texturing, lighting, look dev, rendering, VFX, and compositing) was accomplished by myself in Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Foundry Nuke – Rendered with Pixar’s RenderMan.

7. Aditya Purohit’s “Egyptian Pharaoh”

3D Halloween Egyptian Pharaoh

Wonder how old he is?

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: Egyptian Pharaoh. New work character modeling, lighting, and texturing. Software – Autodesk Maya, V-Ray, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

8. “Lurking Behind” by Madhuka Gunasekera

3D Halloween lurking behind

Good thing he’s wearing a hazmat suit; it’ll protect him from whatever that is…

Made in Maya, rendered in Arnold

Artist Notes: Nuclear fallout. Maya/Arnold/Nuke.

9. “Pennywise – IT” by Cosimo Orban

3D Halloween Pennywise from IT

Are there any clowns out there that don’t give everyone the creeps?

Made in Maya, rendered in Arnold

Artist Notes: I was inspired to do this artwork by the movie adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel, IT.

The sculpt and texturing was done in ZBrush, retopology in Topogun, setup and rendering in Maya and Arnold and post in Photoshop.

10. Beaezten77’s “Clown”

3D Halloween creepy clown

Eyeballs seem to be a popular food choice these days.

Made in Maya, rendered in Arnold

Artist Notes: Halloween image modeled with zBrush, mapped with Maya, textured with Mari, rendered with Arnold renderer and post-produced with Nuke.

11. Ivanna Liittschwager’s “Dark Alchemist”

Dark Alchemist 3D Halloween art

Something tells us he’s not making a healing potion.

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: I created this project for a class at Gnomon using only Maya, V-Ray, and Substance Painter. This piece went through a lot of different stages of progression but became so much more than I expected. I was responsible for all modeling and texturing as well as the concept.

12. “The mirror” by Omar Majdi

Something about that girl’s face seems a little off…

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: Art is a way to survive…

13. “Ghost in the Shell Geisha” by Rafael Resende

Wouldn’t want to run into this killer robot (but is she ever beautiful)!

Made in Maya

Artist Notes: This is my third semester study piece – I took the full year course at Think Tank Training Centre, a 3D school based in Vancouver. I tried my best to replicate Weta’s beautiful work – the robot geisha from Ghost in the Shell. I took reference from both concept art and youtube videos of the actual geisha heads they built. The tattoos are my addition though. Just wanted to see a Yakuza-style tattoo suit on a Japanese killer robot girl. Who wouldn’t? I chose to specialize as a texture painter, but would also love to be a modeler, so I was after something with interesting materials, and cool, intricate shapes to build. Maya was used through the whole process – modeling the mechanical pieces from scratch, retopologizing the organic pieces, unwrapping the UVs, animating the opening of the face… You name it. I’m super happy that I now have a demo reel that I can use to job-hunt. And to think that I knew nothing about 3D a year ago shows how everyone at TTTC – students and teachers alike – have lots of knowledge to share and good feedback to give. Thank you all.


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