The top 4 reasons people work in movie VFX

Last modification: 29 Nov, 2018
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We’ve been reaching out to the 3D community on a variety of topics, trying to learn more about – well – everything: what they’re working on, what inspires them, who they look up to, and what they love (and sometimes hate) about the industry.

Unsurprisingly, for such a diverse community, the answers – on all the questions – were all over the place.

What was it that sparked that initial interest in film VFX? What motivated people to learn a unique skill set in a new industry? We polled our users to bring you the 4 most common answers.

#4 – A burning desire to create

Many of the responses we received boiled down to one thing: a passion for designing, creating, animating or imagining. If you’re an artistic person, this industry offers an almost limitless potential for you to exercise your talents and fulfill your creative ambition. Just consider some of the responses we received: Gichu Ule M. was drawn to the industry thanks to his “passion for animation.” Daniel S. was looking to satisfy his curiosity. Sandeep B. is “never bored” of his work, thanks to the creative potential of the field. Marcus R. might have put it best: “it was the only way to have my imagination come to life.” Arnau D.O. echoed that sentiment, expressing a desire to “create the unimaginable.”

The bottom line: if you have an artistic vision and the drive to see it brought to life, a career in film might be the path for you.

#3 – A love of animation

Animated movies and television shows offered generations of men and women their first glimpse at the magic of 3D animation. For Eruult C., it was the television show Jonny Quest, whereas for William Chad G. and Jamie S., it was movies like The Incredibles and Toy Story, that intrigued audiences with animations that were ahead of their time. Two popular 90s television shows – Reboot and Transformers: Beast Wars – also came up often, suggesting a lot of future animators grew up impressed by the potential of 3D animation. Reboot, for example, was the first 3D show to be entirely computer-animated.

#2 – The prestige of specific companies

Several people cited specific companies as being their inspiration to enter the industry, and that’s not surprising when you consider how admired some of these design houses are. Pixar, for example, is basically synonymous with high-quality animation, and Industrial Light & Magic – the company behind the magic of film franchises like Star Wars and Jurassic Park – has been captivating the imagination of filmgoers for decades with its hyper-realistic visual effects. Karim A. put it best: “My dream is to work at Pixar. That’s my only dream.” Jon T. actually got to watch the original Pixar shorts before they were widely released, or the company was bought up by Steve Jobs: “I was hooked from that point on.”

#1 – Movie magic

Unsurprisingly, it was the experience of going out to the movies and seeing, up on the big screen, the work of animators and graphics artists that first captivated so many people and convinced them to pursue a future in the industry. The most commonly named franchise was Star Wars, with its iconic lightsaber fights and space battles, but James Camerons’ Terminator movies also got a lot of nods, as did The Matrix trilogy.

And that nicely summarizes just how cool this industry is: your hard work gets showcased to millions of people, inspiring a whole new generation of artists and innovators.

Do you work in film VFX? What made you dive into the industry?
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