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Vladimir Minguillo

August 2019 Artist of the Month

3 mins

My name is Vladimir Minguillo. I'm a Senior VFX Modeler based in London, UK. I started in the industry back in 2005, after graduating in Video Game Development from the University of Skovde in Sweden. During my studies, I started using Autodesk Maya for modelling, UVing, particles and animation.

In the early years of my profession, I was involved in all kind of projects like 3D printing, video games and commercials. All that experience helped me to later on become a Modeller in the VFX industry.

3D woman made using Autodesk Maya

I've always been inspired by classical artists, from painters to sculptors, and more. Since my childhood, I had the opportunity to study drawing in an academy of fine arts. I remember drawing constantly. That helped me a lot when I started getting myself into the 3D world with tools like Autodesk Maya.

3D black and white woman portrait made in Autodesk Maya

I've done character and creature work on different movies like Avengers, Thor, Man of steel, Ant-Man, etc. The work I did on Ant-man was the most special to me.

VFX artists know that it’s very difficult to be the only artist to model characters from beginning to end in a production, because most of our work goes through different processes during production. A modeler might be able to make a character model at the beginning of a production, but this character may need to be changed or improved by another artist according to the necessities of a shot or scene.

3D Thanos made in Autodesk Maya

I did the design and modelling on the yellow jacket for Ant-man and had the opportunity of being the only artist involved in doing so. The conceptualization and superhero character asset came from the talented artists at Marvel, but I had to expand on it according to the necessities of the character's personality and the look of the movie. The costume was entirely CGI, which created a bit of a challenge, It was many weeks of hard work but fun to be part of.

3D Ant-Man with yellow jacket made in Autodesk Maya

What I like most about my work is that I'm constantly learning and improving with every new  project.

What I dislike most about my work, is that there is always room for improvement. So I'm never quite happy with the results of my personal work. I constantly want to improve it. So when a model or image might look final, I just jump to another personal project with the expectation of improving my previous work.

3D Captain America made in Autodesk Maya

The advice I'd give to my students or aspiring 3D artists is to learn the basics. Learn the basics of anatomy, of lighting, of texturing, study the works of classical artists, look at the way they handle shapes in sculptures or light and colours in paintings.

And most importantly, you should apply many hours of dedication and hard work. We can only improve by being passionate at what we do. Many would like to become the best in their field, but only a few are willing to make sacrifices to become the best that they can be. Remember that failure is part of success. We shouldn't be afraid of failure, success is achieved through failure.

3D woman portrait made in Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya has been my main software since I was a student. Through the years, It has seen many improvements but the interface has been kept the same, so it always has been easy to accept the new improvements without compromising the essence of the software. Autodesk products are industry standard so any new 3D artist dreaming to become part of the industry should become familiar with them.

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