Image courtesy of Gabriele Stigliano.

Weekly Roundup

Beautifully-rendered diseases, YouTubers doing us proud, and more

Last modification: 28 Jul, 2020
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Oh hey, has it been a week already?! Here’s what happened last week in the world of 3D.


Andrew Krivulya gave us some serious haircut envy with his sleek and stylish grooming, done with Maya and Arnold. Where were when everyone was shaving their heads?!


andrew krivulya 3d haircut


We spoke to the medical illustrators at the CDC who make all kinds of neat renderings of things we’ll never see with our own two eyes. Can you guess what this is?


In case you missed it, the 3ds Max team hosted another webinar where they shared some tips and tricks and spoke to our friends at K6 Media Group, an entertainment production company in Montreal, and multi-disciplinary consultancy firm Hoare Lea about their recent projects.


And a guest from one of our previous webinars, Eloi Andaluz Fullà shared his destruction techniques in 3ds Max – no hard hat required.


Annnnd the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series goes to - The Dragon Prince! Congrats to the team on a well-deserved win (and impeccable use of Maya *wink wink*.)


AHHHH! Ahmadreza Afsharmoghadam wins the award for triggering the most shudders even for a Monday, with this tarantula render made with 3ds Max.


ahmadreza afsharmoghadam tarantula


Last week, we stumbled on what we think may just be our new fave channel – Learn with TD – and just had to share their Intro to Python for Maya. Show them some love over on YouTube!


In case you’ve ever wondered what the Lambo of the future looks like - Gabriele Stigliano has graced us with his rendition of a cyberpunk Lamborghini, made with 3ds Max. It’s a real mood.


gabriele stigliano lamborghini


Remember where we released Maya 2020 in December? Here’s a lil’ behind the scenes we captured a few months back to show you how amped the team was to drop this release.


Our buddy Arvid Schneider released this fantastic video with CG Supervisor Yann Dupont about Life as a CG Supe. Such a great watch if you’re working or looking to work in the VFX industry – give it a watch!




Finally – we gotta close it out with this throwback to Michael Jordan in his days playing for the Chicago Bulls. Who else had the full uniform in the 90s?! Rendered with Arnold, by Rousvoal Thomas.


michael jordan cg


Have a fantastic week, everybody!


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