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Weekly Roundup

Cyberpunk 2077, new Flame, and more

Last modification: 30 Jun, 2020

Oh hey – welcome to another week in the world of 3D.


Let’s kick it off with a lil’ throwback to last week’s Show & Tell – in case you missed it - featuring Arvid Schneider and Eloi Andaluz Fullà.



And a big thank you to Eloi for the shoutout in his monthly 3ds Max News roundup for June!


Last week, our friends at CD Projekt Red ran their Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Livestream, where we got a fresh new trailer for the upcoming game. Who else has Cyberpunk 2077 on their must-play list for 2020?! To a brighter (neon) future!



We’re looking forward to a future in this super glass house in the middle of nature. #LifeGoals
Dream house made with 3ds Max by Juan Meza.


juan meza glass house


Speaking of getting in the middle of nature, iToo Software brings the forest with their latest tutorial for scattering grass, trees, and more in 3ds Max with their (free) Forest Pack Lite plugin.


And did we mention that we love a good breakdown? The workflow variety, to be clear. 3D Environment Artist Vincent Moubeche shares his Zbrush to 3ds Max workflow to create an ancient temple.


Rodrigo Albarran created this poetic scene in what looks like an ancient temple. Architectural twinsies? Also made with 3ds Max.  


rodrigo albarran


Last week, we launched Flame 2021.1 – read all about it! And get your skills caught up while you’re at it. Our own Grant Kay dropped two new tutorial series - Comparing Images in the Timeline, Grading & VFX and Grading VFX with the Explorer.


Other exciting news this past week – Netflix released season 3 of their German series Dark. If you haven’t binged it, do yourself a favor and go do that NOW. Here’s a little peek in case you’re not convinced. And major applause to the folks at Rise and Cinesite that worked on this gem.



Since we’re on the topic of other-worldly, we’re loving these stylized trees made with 3ds Max by André Salviato. We love our trees and all, but hear me out – don’t these have a bit more of a WOW factor?!


3ds max andre salviato


Another thing with a WOW factor, this breakdown of how the winners of the VES Student Award created their WOW film, The Beauty. Check out the full breakdown, and if you missed our interview with them the previous week, give that a gander as well.


Let’s end this roundup on a carb-y note. Claudio – we are drooling over this piece of bread. We can just smell the homemade sourdough through the screen. Made with 3ds Max and Maya by Claudio Magri, virtual bread maker.


3ds max maya autodesk claudio magri


Have a great week, friends!


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