Image courtesy of Pedro Carvalho.

Weekly Roundup

Getting Max organized, collaborating remotely, and the cutest lil' Elvis

Last modification: 28 May, 2020


Happy Monday folks, and welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup. 


Let's kick it off with the cutest little Elvis we ever did see by Pedro Carvalho, made with Maya. This sweet lil' render's got us all shook up.


Fat Elvis by Pedro Carvalho made in Maya


If you need your 3d character to shake their hips as Elvis does, you're going to need to work on that rig! Check out Matt Chan's latest quick rigging and skinning tutorial for Maya.


This week's roundup has us feeling nostalgic even further than a week back! Check out Teresa Trani's homage to one of our absolute favorite Disney films - Beauty and the Beast. Such a magical scene, made with Maya and Arnold.




New to the world of 3d and unsure where to start? We loved these 3 need-to-know-steps to get started from Josh at Polyguy Studio. Great tips to really dive into the craft and figure out if it's right for you. (We're also guilty of thinking about how we'd model objects we see out and about...)





Last week, we heard from Amador at Black Book Studio - as he shared his tips on collaborating (effectively) remotely. How are you staying connected to your teams?  


We're taking a pause to melt a little now... How adorable is this cub fight by Igor Colaiacovo?! This playful furry tussle was made with the help of Maya.





Creating custom toolbars to get organized in Max? Yes, please. Another handy tutorial from Arch Viz Artist.





Somebody - stop me! Signing off with this drop-dead realistic portrait of Jim Carrey by Sefki Ibrahim, made with the help of Maya and Arnold. 


Jim Carrey made with Maya and Arnold


Have a good week, everybody!


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