Image courtesy of Rodrigo Albarran.

Weekly Roundup

Girl Scouts learning 3ds Max, Pokemon-inspired CG, and more

Last modification: 28 May, 2020


Happy Monday, folks!


Hope your weekend was even a hint of enlightening, like this render made with 3ds Max by Rodrigo Albarran. We’re into this surreal vibe, Rodrigo!


Myths by Rodrigo Albarran made with 3ds Max


Speaking of surreal, we’re loving this Honda: Dream Makers commercial by the teams at Wieden+Kennedy and Time Based Arts, which shows the creative process, from script to screen. Inspiring stuff – made with the help of Flame.



Let’s keep that inspiration train going – by inspiring the next generation of 3D artists! Anthony Billet, president of visual marketing company abSketches and a sitting board member of the Girl Scouts, saw an opportunity to introduce young girls between 8 and 10 years of age interested in architecture and design to 3ds Max. The best part? They got a Design Badge.


If we could give badges of our own, we would – to you, our super-talented customers. We’re so proud of this year’s showreel, which would be nothing without your awesome work. We LOVE what YOU do!



No, this isn’t some random photo of the Fresh Prince mid-roundup. It’s another holy-cow-that’s-real render by Hadi Karimi. Good job, Hadi!


will smith 3d hadi karimi


We’ll never get bored of these Avengers breakdowns. Weta shared a breakdown of how they used new animation toolsets to create a wide variety of expressions to get Thanos’ performance just right. We totally believed it - snap if you agree.



Mike Hermes, you’re tugging at our heartstrings (or should we say, hearth-strings) with this World of Warcraft Maya tutorial. If you’re looking to model an Ashbringer, watch: improves your mastery rating.


Any Pokemon fans out there? Clément Martin, Fabrice Leger, Florian Malchow and Thomas Jerz sure are! They went above and beyond to create this fan film in their free time, giving the Pokemon universe a more realistic and darker feel – and we totally Diglett.  



That’s all for last week, friends! We leave you with this other-worldly ice cave image by Marius Pörsel, rendered in Arnold. Very cool.



Have a great week, everybody!


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