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Weekly Roundup

Open beta for Omniverse, new Maya release, Paranormal and more

Last modification: 13 Oct, 2020

Happy Monday everyone!


Let’s kick it off with photorealism superstars Hadi Karimi and Sefki Ibrahim, who teamed up to create this incredible Anne Hathaway render. Pretty sure they’re our new favorite duo.


Anne Hathaway by Had Karimi and Sefki Ibrahim Autodesk


Now that we’re well into October, let the Spook-tacular shows begin! Binge watching Paranormal is at the very top of our list.



Speaking of October, congratulations to Artur Saljukov for being crowned Artist of the Month! Read this Arch Viz whiz’s interview here.


Rustic kitchen 3D render design viz Artur Saljukov



Did you hear? Maya 2020.3 is here! This update includes Bifrost 2.1, an updated Motion Library plugin, and a number of top-requested animation updates. Check out the release notes.


In other big news, NVIDIA Announced Omniverse Open Beta, which lets designers collaborate in real time — from home and around the world.


Have you been checking out Harvey Newman’s weekly episodes in his Maya Animation Power Tips series? If you haven’t, go give them a watch now. Seriously, they’re so useful.



Finally, let's wrap it up with Mathieu Mathieu Grenier’s Pokerpus render! It’s been octopi-ing our attention.



Have a great week y’all!



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